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  1. Well if you read your Comment it says “Official Facebook page of Deviates” so your comment must be the Deviates Facebook page.

  2. I could totally be wrong but this story is most likely false. :(

  3. This was a great time to be a young teen. Other great class of '94's: Propagandhi - How to clean Everything Guttermouth-Friendly People Voodoo Glow Skulls-Who Is? This Is. Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface Beastie Boys-ill Communication Butt Trumpet-Primitive Enema Sublime- Robbin' The Hood The MIghty Mighty Bosstones-Question the answers Ten Foot Pole-Rev Ween-Chocolate & Cheese Slayer-Divine Intervention Pink FLoyd-The Division Bell All-Breaking Things (kindof Late 93)

  4. This article reads like an non News person wrote it (me). They DID not recover any equipment as of yet, but fingers crossed.... Pawn Shop look out 2011

  5. Pour Habit - Got your back Pulley - ?

  6. So its really a neat idea but can't unzip the folder. Lame

  7. LAGWAGON greater than the sum of its RKL parts

  8. Good thing Melvins Grandpa doesnt read dyingscene.com

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWNJCa0fqQI Rome of Sublime with Rome with the Dirty Heads

  10. "Wolves" is there best albums in years

  11. Band Spotlight: TAT 11/16/2009 10:11 AM

    We generally stray away from Female fronted punk bands because they sound nothing like TAT. We got to spend allot of time with TAT on Warped Tour and they are one of the best three pieces punk bands around right now, Girl lead singer or not.

  12. Wizo recording new album 11/13/2009 9:11 AM

    Raum Der Zeit was a great song!

  13. 11/10/2009 8:11 AM

    Road Trip?

  14. interesting.

  15. haha Myspace.com/outlie "In late 2009 FELONY RECORDS will be releasing a split 7-inch record with 2 Outlie songs which were recorded in 2006...the split will also feature SKIPJACK from San Diego, CA."