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  1. hahaha is it a joke??????? pop punk? pop? punk????

  2. danse avec les stars...du punk rock!

  3. 4.20 is quite a full length for mxpx...

  4. cote ouest en force!!! i highly recommend this short LP

  5. it's difficult for a frenchy to understand everything but it looks like if they pay tribute to Brandon Carlisle at the end of the song too...(Brandon are you hanging with the Ramones?) Am i right?

  6. does it comes from me or it's bad?

  7. ultimate song!!!!!!!!!!!!ultimate bass sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ....i'm actually writing a book with the same idea :One song is the name of one chapter...shiittttt! the name of my book will be "on thunder hook" and it comes from a French Punk band from the eighties

  9. just like so much pop punk bands...sounds like bad cover of goldfinger.

  10. Sad news sad day... Punk rock is like a family and each time we lost someone it 's like the loss of a close friend...

  11. I hope he quits Bad Religion and then signs with AS and not quits Bad Religion to sign with AS.

  12. Not sure that their deal with rise records was needed for this band.

  13. To me Shayer stop playing in Bad Religion because of health problem. He had a shoulder injury and couldn't play as fast as the band need...So i don't think he'll come back again.

  14. yes it's my very first one indeed!!! thanks

  15. do you remember the deviates?

  16. hang number one at least!!! i'm ok with the interrupters and stray bullets too. flanders 72 is a good surprise. Maybe shell corporation is missing.

  17. waiting for the physical copy...listen and listen mp3 again and again! their best album in time? nothing left to say: a fuckin' time bomb!!!

  18.'s a man....hahaha

  19. do they have a problem with the singer???