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  1. I think STF still really sounds great, the one needing remastering is Recipe For Hate, compared to every other ones they remastered, it's now the only one that hasn't been remastered, was more in need for it than STF, the bass for Bentley is mixed so well and he's really creative too, it was mixed by Andy Wallace, that guy has so many excellent records he's mixed, they sound timeless, think Slayer - Seasons in the abyss, Nirvana - Nevermind and some other punk stuff, but he's mixed every kind of music.

  2. Whoever said this doesn't sound like old Lagwagon weren't 16 in 1994, this is the logical sound (and don't worry of course there will be fast songs on the new album) the band would have had even earlier if Sean Dewey and Derek never left the band after Hoss. Double Plaidinum was so fuckin terrible, a band in shambles, even the demo of Choke available on Trashed's reissue is kills what was actually recorded for that album with some rent-a-guitarist to replace Sean. Let's Talk is an ok album, overrated, of course May 16th is a great song, but the best song on it is Everything Turns Grey cos it sounds like something that could be on Duh, Trashed or Hoss, the Lagwagon trilogy (that they wrote really fast, on a fucking roll they were too then) but it turns out it's a cover of Agent Orange haha. I love it when Joey sings Duh style here. I guess they noticed people love the second disc on the reissue.

  3. That's not much considering the 600-700+ crowds they automatically bring wherever they go, even wanted to see them once in Montreal and it was sold out. They're not sellouts, they're probably the smartest band out there (with Bad Religion), see how they only released 3 albums in a decade from Less Talk, More Rock to Potemkin City Limits. Chris nearly abandoned music after Potemkin to be a full time activist, but that puts a drain on you. Also they reply to all emails, concerning anything going on in this world to personal suffering caused by the man you've gone through. Only other band I've known to do that was Sick Of It All and NOFX but in their late 90's websites/forums.

  4. That's terrible, I'll see em for the first time on the 25th, and without him....if at least Brett would commit to touring again but no, we get this nobody. Thankfully, Hetson had much less lead guitar parts (he although did) and did no back vocals, so no impact on the oozin ahhhs. Still, I wanted to see the real lineup and Greg being into it as fuck as he seemed to be from videos.