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  1. Awesome Review, Jeremy

  2. For some reason it seems odd to me that two major acts (regardless of their connection to punk and underground music) would do a split. Nonetheless, this should be really interesting and has potential to be wonderful.

  3. Nope, but I definitely should get on that. Clearly.

  4. Seriously feel like I missed out on Authority Zero and Flatfoot 56! They're on everyone's list but mine!

  5. Great album, been spinnin' it a lot still. Good job to The Brokedowns.

  6. I love your list, man! I've been meaning to check out AM Taxi for a long time now and i think you sold me on them. Definitely will pick that up.

  7. I can see what Day's saying. But I think Mattel will get away with it, the doll takes inspiration from Day's persona but isn't bluntly (not legally) a rip off. it will pass, sadly.

  8. Your list was awesome! I specially agree with The Thermals. Those dudes don't get enough love, not even from me (they're on my top 20, not top 10). A little thing though, two things that are also kick ass about Gainsville: The Fest Hot Water Music

  9. I completely agree with Make Do And Mend and Hostage Calm. Hostage Calm didn't make it onto my list because they reminded me too much of Gatsby's American Dream and not enough of their own sound, but man, sounding like GAT's will NEVER be a bad thing.

  10. Hey PW! Thanks for checking out my list, man! and thank you for keeping up with Dying Scene. I agree with a lot of the albums you mentioned (Speakeasy. Dissent of Man, Stories of Survival, American Slang), but you'd be surprised how truly limiting it is to write a top 10 list.

  11. They're fucking amazing, it's so good to see them back i naction.