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  1. Worste album that I've ever heard lol

  2. We don't like it.. We don't listen to it.. We sampled it, and now we're reviewing it.. So go fuck yourself bitch boy, and listen to your Bubble Gum Boy Bands =)~

  3. This album is much worste than their last album. You will not find their old distinctive/creative sound that would blow you away on their first few albums. It sounds like all the rest of the shit that you will hear on the radio... If you listen to the radio... But I guess if you listen to New Blink 182, then you obviously listen to the radio, and enjoy watered down, uncreative, indistinguishable, mediocre music. The kind of music you will get from Blink 182.

  4. This album is not as good as "Untill We're Dead", but it is definitely MUCH better than "Never Rest in Peace." They lost Nico Ramirez D:, but the new singer Kelsey, from Chump Change, is definitely pretty good. Awesome album!