I used to sing for Much The Same. Now I mostly just sing along to Thomas the Tank Engine with my son.

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  1. Not in my book. Wish they'd drop that silly separation, and the obnoxious little skull with the bow...

  2. Agreed, why not just group the band together in the genre that they are, rather than treating all female-fronted bands as a genre? makes no sense.

  3. Oh and just to clarify, record contracts have a couple of different kinds of royalties, some of which are withheld by the label until their advance has been recouped, and some of which is due the songwriters from day one, regardless of how much the band still owes the label. If records have been sold then the label owes the band SOME money from day one. To not receive money in 15 years implies that zero records have been sold in that time, and for a band like The Queers, I highly doubt it.

  4. Generally you'd be right, but if a label has refused to pay a band their contractually due royalties, especially for over a decade, as has been allegedly happening in this case, then I say go for it if you can justify the expense. Of course there are two sides to every story, and they're usually both at least a little bit biased and faulty, so it's tough to judge without having all the information.

  5. FYI, I don't think you need to keep announcing that BJ's son is in the band, nor is it likely to be helpful at this point. Let the band stand on its own merit and get out from under daddy's shadow a little bit.

  6. Agreed. That really put me off. Considering how much the punk scene is always rallying around respecting women in the scene, it sure is offensive to treat any woman that way, let alone someone's WIFE who happens to also apparently be the brains behind the label in question.

  7. The Living Daylights break up 06/23/2014 9:06 AM

    Never heard of this band but that's a great name. Listening on Spotify now and these are great tunes, reminds me of Living With Lions.

  8. It's official: Nitro is back! 05/20/2014 7:05 AM

    I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!!!!! ;)

  9. The Old Firm 01/23/2014 1:01 PM


  10. Was confused after just seeing an article about a pop punk band with girls in it called the bombpops. These girls are really not very good at naming bands huh? (Says the guy who chose to name his band "Much The Same")

  11. I didn't know anyone even liked that album.

  12. No special sympathy vote for Tony, that really is a fantastic cover, especially when you remember that photo was taken at some point in the past when there was no idea this comp would exist. I was surprised they had such a perfect, somber image to use.

  13. Yeah, I would really like to see my album Survive on vinyl. Please head over there and tell them to re-release Much The Same!

  14. There's a band whose reunion show I really wish I could see! Such a good album.

  15. Oh, and despite everything I said in the above post, and being a huge fan of Dustin's work and a Christian, I'm actually a little disappointed in this song too, only because he seems to have not brought along his trademark poetic genius into the realm of worship music and is largely just regurgitating the same phrases used a million times before by much less gifted songwriters. I expect more from this guy!

  16. Thrice has ALWAYS been singing about God, from their first album on. Some of their lyrics have been lifted directly from Bible verses. Dustin's just such a gifted songwriter that he's had you guys singing about faith in Jesus the whole time without even realizing it (and he had stated that this was actually intentional). As for "ramming his beliefs down our throats", nobody forces you to listen to music you don't want to. I feel much more violated when I can't escape "Call Me Maybe" everywhere I go.

  17. He's clearly writing Christian/worship music now. You wouldn't get mad at a pastor for being preachy from the pulpit, that's what he's there to do. Dustin is a worship leader at a megachurch now, and with titles like these there's really no question of what you're getting yourself into if you decide to listen to it. =) For what it's worth, though, literally every single song that Thrice ever wrote was just as filled with themes of faith, done subtley in most cases, so that their non-Christian fans usually had no idea and their Christian fans were floored by the immense power of his lyrics. I'm sure that after 15+ years of songwriting he's feeling good about finally not having to veil his message in metaphors.