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  1. At least it didn't happen in Chicago for once!

  2. I never thought they'd ever come up my way (Syracuse) anymore…there's no way i'm not going!

  3. I was always on Jorge's side with this. That blog post seems way to suspicious to me.

  4. Touche Amore shouldn't be on this list. Other than that, I'm satisfied

  5. Joe Queer is awesome and like the nicest guy. I've met him a few times.

  6. Isn't Mike E. Clark Insane Clown Posse's (and Psychopathic Records in general) main producer?

  7. the thousands of ADTR fans?

  8. Sure most of the songs are "traditional" Warped Tour artists, but Warped Tour was always about exposing kids to what's new more than being about punk rock. These bands are currently the most popular amongst teens these days, which is why they are on the tour as well as this compilation. The "older" audience hates it because it's new and "popular" today, and because they aren't willing to open up to new music. Instead they wanna listen to "old" bands on repeat and complain. You can't have the same band play every year and expect new audience/age groups to start coming out.

  9. This makes me tear up. Tim's voice works perfect for the sadness of this song. Still miss Tony. RIP.

  10. i just wish some of these songs were 96kbps, that's lower than low quality!