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  1. I think I just pissed myself... Laughing. This band makes me want to pick up my skateboard "and make the world a better place." Fuck yea dying scene.

  2. Why are there only two comments on this shit!!!!!! This album rocks me to sleep and kicks me in the teeth at the same fucking time. LISTEN TO THEM!!! (with due respect, I guess I should have wrote with due respect first). LISTEN TO THEM!!!!

  3. Holy hell this is going to be a great tour. All three bands are fucking great. I still have yet to see that band that I listen to everyday... oh yea, THE HOTELIER. Wow. All I can say. Saw Modern Baseball open for the wonder years a bit ago, and they were awesome. I will obviously have to listen to Sorority Noise... And, this band, tiny moving parts is the cherry on top of the bunt cake, right in the middle, after I filled it with whip cream and it tastes like heaven tastes on top of a bunt cake. Welp, that was insane. Anyway. This is going to be a great tour for sure. See you at Sub-T!!!

  4. Oh yea, Old Gray is (are?) the shit too. Glad that these fucking bands are teaming up on this one. FUCK. YES.

  5. Oh yea, Old Gray is the shit too. Glad that these fucking bands are teaming up on this one. FUCK. YES.

  6. I always get freaked out when a band I LOVE that is kinda new releases something "new." But, guess fucking what? This is fantastic... whew... I love this fucking band so much I would give them a hug and slip them ten grand in their back pocket (if I had ten grand to give). LISTEN TO THIS BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Five fucking huge red white and blue stars for these Americans. I was a little freaked out when I heard the title for the first song on the record. I guess I was afraid they were going to go... well a little less... intelligent than the older shit. I still feel american when I hear it though, and fuck no is this shit not intelligent (think about that double negative for a second, holy shit). They are fucking smart, that's what I'm trying to say. Haha. Great record, yet again!!!!

  8. Good shit. I dig it. They should come to Chicago!

  9. Let me tell you why I like this review: you were unafraid to unapologetically say what you thought about this record. What YOU think is the most important part, right? Musicians work for you (psssttt.... don't tell them). They are your's and what you think about them is really what matters. As a musician, I love this review. Good job dude!

  10. And, this is true genius. I know that it is misunderstood. But, this is true genius. I hope the stories are true, and if they aren't, even better, but I know that they are. When I watched the video (you know what I'm talking about), I almost cried. But, I know that he wanted a space to tell these stories, and this was a genius way to do it. Zero stars? Hahaha!

  11. Shit, well I kind of outed myself just back there. I will give it five stars, as I will everything that I comment on. If I don't feel that way, I will give you a goodassgoddamnreason why I didn't. Honesty isn't a crime, but being a dick is in my book.

  12. This is the sort of thing I dream about. I love the fact that they are doing this. NOFX till I die.