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  1. IVS are one of the best shred bands around today ;)

  2. Ha ha @ Paul! I will eventually review the new album but it will have to wait until after I move into my house ;) So some time in August. Cheers.

  3. This song is even more special since Paolo from Italian melodic hardcore legends BeerBong helped the band on the kit. They did not have a drummer at the time, the reason they asked their friend.

  4. Check Volume 74 of The Grind on PRC for my interview with them, Matt and the guys were heading back home that day to start recording Reset's side of the split... www.myspace.com/burnside780

  5. Nice man, you'll flip over their new album "Recharge" then.

  6. Awesome stuff! Cool that you posted this, been checking these out lately.

  7. About half of it + a song recorded after the EP are posted on myspace currently ;) They will record a new album in summer 2010. I interviewed them for PRC last August and they are the nicest guys.