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  1. RE: the song title, maybe it wasn't The Punk Site at all, and just the promo copy of the album that the band sent out. I was assuming it was them because they had an exclusive stream of the song and used the shortened title. Either way, if I had gotten the promo version instead of drunkenly impulse buying the album / shirt combo, I would've done the same thing.

  2. "Let It Be" and "Tim". That's all you really need (although if you prefer the faster stuff, maybe "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash" is your thing, but in my humble opinion the 'Mats weren't very good as a punk band and really shined at the beginning of their more experimental phase)

  3. Don't know about the band as a whole, but here's a question taken directly from NOFX's FAQ page: "Does it fuck you off that punk bands like Blink 182 and others are turning into pop-punk and are being played on Top 20 charts along with shitty groups like The Spice Girls. No. -SMELLY" So at the very least, we can assume that Smelly isn't bothered too much by it.

  4. Spot on review! That's exactly how I feel about it too... it's a good album, but it's does little to offer any kind of variety.

  5. Unfortunately Plow United did not play at this show! I've heard great things about them though.

  6. I left a comment via Facebook but it doesn't look like it's showing up so here it is again: Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)

  7. also, My Roaring 20's was their latest on Paper + Plastic, not Find Me a Drink Home (unless it was re-released on P+P and I'm unaware of this fact)

  8. Pumped for this to come out. Find Me a Drink Home and My Roaring 20's are both awesome and there's no reason for Giant Orange to not follow suit.

  9. So I know it's originally from Pee-wee's Big Adventure (and nothing against the band or this song), but I'm pretty sure at this point, The Get Up Kids own this phrase and it can't be used by anyone else.

  10. Gotta say, I'm surprised at the lack of Clash songs. And Anti-Flag, too, I guess. Not as surprising as the lack of Clash though.

  11. Baby, I'm an Anarchist is pretty tongue-in-cheek. I think that kind of cheapens how serious of a revolution song it is.

  12. It is my understanding that Mikey Erg is in this band. It is also my understanding that he is not being used to his full potential. What a shame.

  13. Is recant even the right word to use? It sounded right in my head but now it looks wrong.

  14. I recant this statement now having seen the results.

  15. I wish the music on The Devil's Rain could match its cover in terms of awesomeness. Out of all those covers, it is probably the best one but I get the feeling no one is going to vote for it on principle alone (I know I'm not).

  16. I might argue that NOFX should be there in place of Bad Religion. Obviously Bad Religion's output in the 90's is super important to the development of punk rock, but I feel like they were already established as a force to be reckoned with before the 90's even happened (especially after the 1-2-3 punch of Suffer, Against the Grain and No Control) while the other bands were still developing their respective sounds. And then 1994 (okay, 1995 for Rancid) happened and they all finally had that sound that could be defined as their own, just as Bad Religion had done before them.

  17. Last I heard, KROQ had to take it down because the label's legal department asked them to remove it. Maybe it went back up, but it all seemed like it was done to prevent people from hearing it

  18. Too many uses of the word "both." My bad.

  19. Great album. I was a bit worried at first because Can't Maintain seemed to lack a certain staying power that their previous releases did and I thought that Knife Man might continue the trend. I'm glad to know I was wrong! (Speaking of previous releases, weren't both People Who Can Eat People... and Can't Maintain both on Asian Man?)

  20. but, you know, that's like, just my opinion. and stuff.