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  1. um, duh, it was clearly stated in Fat's news story: "...we have a recently unearthed, crazy old NOFX recording to go along with the crazy old stories in the book. It’s a 4-song 7-inch EP that was recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987! Comprised of songs that were never re-recorded for anything else later, it’s a veritable lost treasure..."

  2. the new album doesn't SERVE AS a follow up to the last album, it IS the follow up to the last album. it's not a placeholder or live album or compilation, it's a proper album that follows up the previous album.

  3. Dropkick Murphy's what? what is it that ol' Dropkick Murphy owns? so confused. oh wait, yeah, there's no apostrophe in their name. never has been.

  4. legends? what a fucking insult to actual legends. these posers don't deserve the coverage.

  5. jesus, who gives a fuck about this terrible pop/AOR/soft rock band. oh, maybe all the songwriters they rip off and have to pay (Lennon/McCartney anyone?)