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  1. Yes! I think i listened to this 5 or 6 times the first day I heard it, and have listened to it at least one time a day since then. He has such raw talent and passion. It's really amazing.

  2. I spy Days N Daze in some of those crowds.

  3. This is so good. I plan to be at the Gainesville show.

  4. It just keeps getting better and better. Asshole Parade is going to be there too, and I am super excited for that.

  5. Saw these guys last week. Nicest bunch of folks around.

  6. And I kick myself for not seeing them more when I had plenty of chances. Bad me.

  7. Just went to watch this, but now I can't watch a documentary on anarcho-punk because the video was removed due to copyright claim. Oh the irony.

  8. I saw a The Holy Mountain picture disc in there. He should have snatched that up.

  9. I'm liking this better than White Crosses so far.

  10. That was awesome!

  11. This is a very good track. I'm excited to hear more from them.