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  1. Yes! Time to download some singles in FLAC!

  2. That sounds like a placeholder date to me. Especially since that date is a Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure albums are usually released on Mondays in Europe (or in the UK at least)

  3. She also said that Fat Mike recorded on one more song, which is "finished, mixed and mastered"

  4. I think it's jumping the gun a bit to say there's a possible reunion just because of an old picture being posted...

  5. It's odd that they call it 'The Sire Years' since it isn't even all of their Sire albums (it's missing 5 albums, up to 1989's Brain Drain)

  6. I'm glad Yemin was included, he's one of my idols

  7. Perhaps the b-side is Science Fiction Double Feature

  8. Also, A Little Sign is up for streaming too

  9. They say the Some Folks 7" will be available at the Pirates Press 9 year anniversary thing, and I'm guessing the When The People Check Out album will follow.

  10. I don't think that's his real stuff. That's seems like a lot of urine, and in a pretty strong stream, to be real

  11. He might have just not gone to Europe with the band. Not being on one tour does not necessarily mean he isn't in the band anymore

  12. I actually enjoyed it, if for no other reason than it being less-popular Ramones song

  13. It would be perfect if they could get Jeff Erna to drum!

  14. Awesome news, makes me want to see them even more! And I wouldn't mind Dez and Keith splitting vocals, but I definitely want to see Keith sing the Nervous Breakdown songs!

  15. While it's been 13 years since their last album with new material, they did release an album in 2010, it featured re-recordings of songs from Join the Army and songs by No Mercy

  16. Already going to this show in Philly and was wondering who would be opening, too bad OMM aren't my cup of tea (already saw them with NOFX)

  17. It's not 'the original Black Flag lineup', it's Ginn (the only member that has always been in the band), Reyes who is the band's second singer (after Keith, before Dez and Heny), a drummer that Ginn has worked with previously but never with Black Flag, and the mysterious 'Dale Nixon' on bass (for those that don't know, Dale Nixon is an alias Ginn has used at times, so it's safe to say it's someone with a different name)

  18. Awesome that they played a Kickovers track! Awesome band with Nate Albert from the Bosstones and Johnny Rioux pre-Street Dogs

  19. I'm probably in the minority, but Chad is actually my favorite ALL singer

  20. Where's Keith Morrs? Really? I hope that's a joke, because he's fronting the awesome OFF!, which I guarantee is better than anything prima donna-zig is doing now-a-days.