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I'm a ginger, I play (read: suck at) guitar, and I like a music.
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  1. Honestly, I fucking love this album. I'm listening to it now on my fifth go at it and none of the songs are tiring. They're all great and I don't feel the need to skip one here or one there I did with some other SFH songs. "Dumpster to the Grave" immediately reminds you why you fucking love SFH, with the ska influence blending perfectly into the more hardcore portions. The Album blends each song into eachother that you just feel fine listening to all of it, even if they can all stand on their own. And the blend from outro to intro when you have the album on repeat might make you forget the album ended and have you listen again. The song-writing is pretty top-notch for SFH, even if a lot of the instances of saying "fuck" might not be needed, but there's definitely a lot to love here even if you can't love it all.

  2. Bomb The Music Industry 10/13/2011 5:10 PM

    BtMI! was the first show I'd ever gone to. A local called Nonsense played, then Royal City Riot, I walked out on the set by the Fourth Rights. I was just as excited to see Chewing on TInfoil as I was to see BtMI, and I got in the circle fit for the majority of their set. My ride had come early (although to be fair I was fifteen and it was around 12am), and I had to leave. I wanted to just say hi to Jeff before I left, if only to say I did. I told him that I had to be leaving and he asks me which song I wanted to hear. I told him "Definitely Sadder, Weirder." He runs off, chastises Matt for trying to stop him from playing, and proceeds to play the song I had just requested. These kinds of memories can only come from awesome people, and that's exactly what BtMI is.