Punk music changed everything in my life, I was once a brainwashed born again christian, believing everything I was told in a book was true and to never falter from the word of god, but somewhere inside a fire was already lit, how ever dim, it was, It grew into an inferno when i heard, the drums like a heartbeat, the cymbols crashing like a slap in face, melodic riffs that seem to fall into each other, bass lines that laid the road to follow and lyrics that told life how it really was.
I was addicted, religion became a very distant and sad memory that i will never inflict on my children.
Still I needed more, since then it has never let go of my mind and soul, picking me up when I feel all is lost in our ever smaller policed state called earth, punk music keeps that fire burning, even if at times it seems to fade like hope for a free world.
I now know that everyone has that fire inside them no matter how brainwashed they may seem.

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  1. Cracking listen, good find, cheers!

  2. Pennywise - Straight Ahead.

  3. Absolutely love it, exciting album, worthy 5 star album in my opinion, the hits really stood apart at first, like the first 4 tunes and "Punx not dead, I am", but now I'm really starting to appreciate the other tunes, top notch shit.