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  1. Agreed, Carlos! I love that they're staying relevant.. it continues my hope for a reunion in the future.

  2. No love for the East Coast? We're starved over here!

  3. The apology was cool, the half beer/full beer thing works in typical Mike fashion.. but the slipper? Nah, man. Shouldn't have offered the kick back if it wasn't legit, right? Still Fat Mike is Fat Mike, and I love him for it. That kid seems laidback as hell. Shit happens, and I for one am hoping it's over now.

  4. First song I've heard by them and I hope they keep it up! I'm really enjoying what's going on here!

  5. ALL was outstanding! Opening with Fairweather Friends and closing with Million Bucks was icing on the Chad Price cake! Meeting Mark and Shawn Stern, and being able to thank them for such an amazing weekend was right up there with meeting Tesco Vee before the Meatmen/Manic Hispanic show.. which was also ridiculous fun! Descendents, Face to Face, NOFX and my new faves Los Skarnales were show highlights. NY love and I hanging with our East Coast, Texan, Cali and Aussie friends keep us coming back each year.