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  1. For clarity- The guitarist couldn't get over himself, his ex, his bigotry, and his juvi behavior... and he gets to stay in the band? That doesn't speak well to the character of the rest of the band that they would let him stay.

  2. I would even take Sing the Sorrows at this point.

  3. sounds like someone is still learning how to DJ

  4. If you remember last year, they announced the line up in drips. A lot of the local Chicago punk bands didn't get added until close to the date of the show.

  5. No joke- look at the rates you would pay for any of their other 3 day cruises. That ship, those those places, is usually 160 a person. They want over 700 for the crummy rooms. You know how many shows I could go see with the $500 difference?

  6. so, the boxed wine of pop punk?

  7. amazing video. I forgot music videos could make me like a song more...

  8. I can't believe I spent money on this Kickstarter. ugh

  9. Thank you! This statement is so full of legal misinformation my head is exploding. First off- how the fuck are you reasonably going to remember a time and street address from 16 years ago? Secondly- the statement starts by supporting victims of rape and abuse, but then feeds horrible misinformation. Most cases don't get reported because of the intrusive and vilifying nature of rape exams. No woman (or man) wants to sit in front of strangers and have their entire sexual history questioned. Third- America totally has slander and libel laws. And you can sue someone for saying a lie on behalf of a friend. The blogger would be sued, not the victim- however there could still be a case. That whole section is legal swiss cheese. Anyone else see the irony of an anti-establishment punk bank hiding behind the courts?

  10. Album Review: AFI - "Burials" 11/07/2013 12:11 PM

    I miss all hallow's ep.

  11. Metal shows are nuts. I think to some extent it's a local scene to scene thing, as you pointed out. I've moved about 12 times in 10 years, and I can say some of the scenes are a lot nicer than others. Toronto was by far the kindest people I ever met, to the point where I was a little weirder out as to why strangers were being so nice! Festivals also seem worse than local shows- I guess the giant crowd gives anonymity, and the feeling of being able to get away with more.

  12. Oh man, I hope so. I wasn't sure if it was getting better, or if I was just desensitized to it.

  13. oh yea, you will get some bruises at a show. Just a few weeks ago I split my lip at a concert. A guy feel down in the pit, and I leaned over to get him. I didn't see the guy coming at us with a beer bottle in his hand and... CRACK... my face was right at arm level. But I don't really mind that- He hit me because my face got in his way, not because I was a woman. It was an equal-opportunity beer bottle smasher. Not every attack of a woman by a man is all about female bodies. Sometimes, it's gender neutral. I think the girl who got stepped on was probably in a similar place- so hopped up on adrenaline and communal energy she would have ripped anyone who crossed her a new one. She didn't look at you an say " I want to take the agency away from his right to his own body. I am powerful"... sounds more like she said "WTF you stepped on my foot, asshole." I'm all for accepting any gender identity can be an asshole. The woman who petted you though.. I'm sorry about that. That's unacceptable. I do agree with your other point- some women are so afraid of getting hurt, from talk or past experiences, they blow up at men who have done nothing wrong, and merely stood near them. I feel bad for these women. No one should have to be so defensive... then again, I get why they are afraid. It's not totally unfounded as a fear, even if their reaction isn't the one I would promote. And yea, what is the point? If punk was birthed in a fit of anger over the majority society... why mimic all the darkest parts? TLDR, thank you :)

  14. oh, thanks!!!! I need to check that out

  15. Ya know, I think if it didn't make you upset that would be really frightening. I agree with you totally about the "at a punk show" bit. People join subcultures to feel included because society at large has failed them. To then be excluded by the people you ran to when you were excluded is... depressing.

  16. I have to disagree, respectfully, with your methodology. So many victims of gender based violence feel shame, loneliness, and self-hatred for what was done to them. Literally, people kill themselves because others stopped talking about it. The rates of self-harm and suicide among people who have been assaulted are sky-high. Talking about it to complain isn't very helpful, but talking to consider options to make things better is helpful. These problems are too ingrained to go away on their own. They need nudging. But yeah, treat others as you would yourself is always a good rule to live by. Unless your a masochist. That might not work well.

  17. I think you're very brave to have posted this comment. Thank you