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"It's The Suppression Of The Word That Gives It The Power, The Violence, The Viciousness" -Lenny Bruce

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  1. Score! This Is Very Exciting News Indeed.

  2. Ah, That Was Neat. :]

  3. I'll Be Bummed If They Don't Play Somewhere Near Me....

  4. Bad Religion on Mars?! 03/21/2010 5:03 AM

    That's Really Neat...

  5. It Won't Be The Same Without Good 'Ol Bob. This Makes Me Very Sad.

  6. Ah, Well, At Least All Is Well, And He Took It Nicely.

  7. Ah, The Album Comes Out On My Birthday. That's Exciting. Can't Wait To Catch Them Live.

  8. I Wasn't Sure About This Album When I First Bought It. It's Definitely Growing On Me Though. I Don't Think Say Anything Will Ever Again Produce A Record That Is As Good, In My Opinion, As Is A Real Boy. But This Is Much Closer To That Than Their Last Album.