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  1. You've really missed the point if you're taking a request not to attempt non-consensual sexual acts with incidentally brushing or bumping someone in a crowd.

  2. Any non-consensual touching is assault.

  3. 'Tis me. I know at least three other people with similar Souls tats.

  4. Hey, I've only got room for 10 and there were some really good ones.

  5. For anyone who is wondering:

  6. very meme. much punk. wow.

  7. Tardy? I'm pretty sure you aren't late for anything, lol. The links serve to bring you from the home page into the post to see something that is behind a "more" tag, so if you're already in the post it will look like nothing happened.

  8. Thank you for writing this.

  9. Not on services you have to pay for.

  10. They seem like good people. I was impressed that after Al Barr got called out for using a homophobic slur he actually apologized and learned from it instead of just telling everyone to shut up and get over it like a lot of people would.

  11. This nostalgic resurgence of cassette tapes makes no sense to me.

  12. Plow United didn't play at this one? That's too bad. I was at the other Brooklyn show and they were great.

  13. Ah, thanks! I had to make my best guess from listening, because unsurprisingly it doesn't come up in Google Translate.