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  1. I don't really think this sounds like No Trigger. It's waaaay more accelerated, more agressive even on the slower tracks and less... artificially produced, let's say (check on the drums on Tycoon -yeah, I know Tycoon was released after this was written-). I would only consider about it if you take in consideration the track My Woods of off Canyoneer, but yet... I don't buy it. And don't get me wrong, I fucking love No Trigger. At first I didn't like this album much, maybe I was a little bit overwhelmed with tracks like Ruins, but after a couple plays, it really fits in its place. It ended up surprising me, surpassing by far their Fort Orange previous effort and being a little classic to me.

  2. I would doubt of the ''punk experience'' of anybody giving more than 4/5 to this.

  3. It's a cool record, but surely cannot top last Flippin' Beans album Everything's Fine... Act Brave and Die. That was a heck of an album, and that's a decent follow-up, but I know they can do it even better.

  4. This was, suprisingly, not disappointing at all. Way better than I expected, and it has some growers. Obama meme here.

  5. In my opinion, givint it less than 4 stars is being nuts. However, it's still a step below Roads, Bridges and Ruins, wich was my favourite album from 2009 and one of the best I've heard in a long while, yet not topped up to date in this almost three years.