Rock musician/author. Sing for GET OUT. (Kingston, NY)

Sang for Antidote 8 and Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, among others. My gramps was a famous speaker, Arthur Walwyn Evans. I'm also known for time spent in a band called DIVEST whose album Ghost Town Reckoning was released with Dr. Know of Bad Brains and Applehead Studios (Woodstock, NY).

Past mags include: Amp/Hails & Horns, Crusher Magazine.

Currently write for, New Noise,, Kingston Times, and New Noise Hip Hop.

I'm a fan of anything real, relevant and raw

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  1. Nah, man. HR sometimes is lucid and on the rock tip and other times does his own thing. It's all punk rock. I opened for them once and he sat on stage and read the Bible and taught a drum lesson to the crowd and it was still an awesome,fun show and punk rock. These dudes still love playing music, man. I have never seen a band in my life that didn't have some nights where crazy stuff didn't change the whole demeanor of the show and other nights where it was just live fire.