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  1. The new album is the sound of Against Me! 13 years after "Axl Rose." Tom is 30, his perspective has changed, no more banging on buckets and unmic'd acoustics. The audience and venues are bigger so unplugged isn't going to cut it. But if you listened to any of White Crosses or New Wave, the message is there albeit the music has changes. I'm a fan of both old and new, but as a musician I can tell you there is a lot more substance and talent put into these later albums. So I guess damn them for evolving as artists. This is why the whole punk genre has turned into a farce. Punk started with no definitions and boundaries but now it is just chock full of the punk-police that cry when some band doesn't conform to their expectations, like some elitist bullshit club...the antithesis of punk rock. If you listen to the record you will hear them address this exact situation, but sadly, too many listeners are just sitting around and wishing to hear the same broken punk-rock clichés over & over & over. “Oh, I am anarchists and love anarchist punk as long as it follows all these rules.” Gimme a break.

  2. I'm with Lexicon Devil on this one: is this really a surprise? Yes, maybe in regards to Fat Mike being the hand, but it's a punk rock show for jesus sakes. Advice: don't accept drinks from someone posing as Cokie the Clown! Who also, as maybe a coincidence, pretty much said he would fuck you in a heartbeat on his last single.

  3. Man have I've been waiting to finally get something official on this. Totally stoked about the BR cover "Skyscraper." It's going to be a banner year for great album releases.