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I'm a lawyer that sues institutions on behalf of individuals. the focus of my practice includes free speech, civil rights, consumer protection, and harrassment suits against debt collectors.

I post on my facebook alot about politics, law, and music. Check me out at

I always play guitar and drums. Anyone in the Philly/south jersey area that wants to jam with a solidly mediocre but very energetic musician give me a shout.

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  1. For the record, I sympathize with the attacker: I'm a lawyer, and sometimes I have to advocate a tough position. And that's what you're doing. That said, punk rock can be a schtick and it can be just for fun. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a schtick, but they're punk. In fact, even "genuineness" is a schtick - I think it was David Bowie that aptly defended himself by pointing out that Bruce Springsteen going on stage and becoming this character where he's this blue jeans working class warrior was no more phony and no more real than David Bowie being an androgenous artist from outer space. The Misfits were a schtick. But its punk because the schtick was performed by irreverent rejects, DIY, with earnest, and clearly from the heart. I think the attacker's critique is that the Misfits owed their audience a wink - see, its just a joke! but the makers sappy schlock horror movies are generally self aware enough to know what they're making - but throwing in a wink to the audience actually cheats the audience. and part of the joke is how seriously the audience takes it. who's going to blink first? who's going to play out the joke too far? the band or the audience? so you have a horror punk heads dressing like 1950s zombies and vampires in school, and its a joke - not to the kid that it feels so serious to - because it is serious: he's the one playing the joke. he's got to keep a straight face, and its tough. to pull off that kind of joke, you've got to buy into it a little. maybe even alot. and the is joke on all the people that take themselves too seriously to try dressing up like a monster for a while and seeing how fun life can be when you let go and do your own thing. That's punk. And that's how I see the Misfit horror routine, just in the context of a band acting like loonies from the outside of the commercially approved world of popular music instead of a kid in the world of whos found a way to be proud to be locked outside the high school popularity regime.