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  1. Rest in Peace, Brandon. Condolences to family, band, and friends.

  2. Some Nerve, Dying Regime, Yankee Brutal are poppy?!?! Congrats, you're so hardcore you won the punk internet. >DS, I'm digging the comp and enjoying the previously unreleased songs. thanks!

  3. Also...I liked the color-coding on the genre icons. Any thoughts to re-incorporating the colors?

  4. I'm liking it. It was a bit shocking at first. I definitely prefer reading black text on light background..white text on black fucks with my eyes sometimes.

  5. A very solid album.

  6. most anticipated release of the decade (I've given up hope on Bigwig)

  7. mine: 1. Only Crime - Pursuance 2. Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 3. White Lung - Deep Fantasy 4. Some Nerve - Some Nerve 5. Steady Hands - Brandy of the Damned

  8. You rock, Lauren! I always enjoy your tastes and look forward to some new discoveries.

  9. good quality vid...amazing set.

  10. Music Video: Dogjaw - ";)" 09/02/2014 7:09 AM

    That has to be the most ridiculous video ever...fantastic!

  11. We've been seeing these guys live for over 7 years now and they are really cool. Give them a watch!

  12. I'd have to say Bad Religion's Stranger than Fiction, Bad Brain's God of Love, or Ten Foot Pole's Insider

  13. waiting for the video!....

  14. Bad Manners and Toy Dolls would be worth seeing too.

  15. oh man, in portland 1 night after Propaghandi/Flatliners. I'm gonna be tired!

  16. Thanks Lauren! Several of these somehow slipped past me. I'm especially enjoying Bullfighter.

  17. I generally try not to just vote for the band I like best on the album the cover art battle, but rather the art I like best...luckily this week's coincide with ADR Shuttles! BTW - Screeching, thanks for starting these up again. Fun stuff.

  18. The album is awesome! Grats to both ADR and DS. I encourage all that have the means to buy the album instead of just free download to support a great band and a great label.

  19. I nominate this as the most bizarre DS article ever!