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I'm so alternative, I don't even have a genre, yo.

I'm glad you're reading this, because that means that you like the same sort of music as I do - a pre-requisite for being my friend, kidding, of course.

Whether you like punk, screamo, hardcore, pop-rock, rock, new-wave, no-wave, post-rock, post-revival battle metal, ceremonious opera core or Finnish mystery punk, the chances are - if you are on this website - you are into three, four or five piece arrangements of some description, and to you I say, me too. Let's rub shoulders at a gig, maybe have a beer or a smoke or whatever we need to do.

I'm Scottish, there seems to me to be a seriously exciting, inclusive and eclectic scene developing here at the moment. Like a great many other Scots, I have grown up on a healthy and well-appreciated dose of American culture, the music, the sit-coms, the skating, the attitude. I believe that the emotion, intensity, liberty and pure artistry that has been so prevalent in American rock music over the past few decades is finally emerging in Scottish music. American culture has been such a major player in the development of Scottish youth culture for years now, I am extremely excited to see the music I love emerging from our collective unconscious and bursting forth onto tiny stages and in peoples front rooms.

I am going to cover this scene and talk about music more generally here. We are all connected by the music around us. Where is it taking us next and how can we capitalise on our place in history, listening to a new release amongst friends or alone?

Let's live this dying scene and see where it takes us.

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