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My name is Jeremy Stacks and I discovered punk rock way back in 1987. The first bands I really got into were Black Flag, The Misfits, Minor Threat, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Now I listen to all forms of punk, from ska to pop to hardcore but my favorite bands today fall into the street punk or Celtic genres.
In addition to my love of music I also like to read and recently released my own book titled "Poisoned Fate". It's a post apocalyptic story that focuses on a band of survivors that include members of a punk band. It contains many references to music and 80's disaster movies. Look for it on and amazon.

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  1. Great review but what did you mean by . "Another female vocalist (Lena Hall or Christie Wynn depending on which version you have and, truthfully, I’m not sure which version I have" ??? I've looked all over and can not find any info about what guests are on what songs.... I was completely unaware there were different versions of some songs.

  2. I've been a Gaslight fan since "Sink or Swim" but I wasn't even going to buy this album, I really dislike "Handwritten". I ended up reading a couple of positive reviews and decided to check it out anyway. Now I wish i hadn't. It's not that this album is bad, there's just nothing special about it. The songs all blend together and, in my opinion it doesn't sound much different from their last album.. Musically, some new ground is being covered, "Stay Vicious" starts out like a hard rock song but as soon as Brian starts singing, it sounds like a Gaslight song that you've already heard, several times. There are a few good songs on here but nothing groundbreaking or new.

  3. Album Review: AFI - "Burials" 11/08/2013 6:11 AM

    I agree with your 3 star rating. I personally think the album is good but it's lacking a couple of stand out tracks, all the songs seem to blend together (at least in my opinion). As for the overall sound (which is not punk), it's pretty much what I was expecting. AFI has been moving away from punk for a long time and while a lot of older punks have gone the acoustic route Davey and company have moved towards an 1980's goth/industrial sound that obviously influenced them (they covered The Cure and Morrissey over a decade ago). I enjoy that sound, that (and early punk) was the music of my youth. I hear a lot of pre-Personal Jesus Depeche Mode and Bauhaus on this disc and while I don't think it's perfect, I think this is the logical progression of AFI. I just hope the next disc has a few more memorable songs.

  4. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.

  5. Great album! One of the best punk albums of all time.

  6. I love this album! It was one of the first punk cassettes (yes it was that long ago) that I owned and I listened to it until the tape wore out, and then I went out and bought a new copy. Glenn's vocals are obviously the main draw here, the band really couldn't play that well, but I also enjoy the horror movie inspired lyrics. Back when I first started listening to the Misfits (1988) the majority of punk music that I'd heard was angry and/or political and this band, this album was something different. I was amazed and fifteen years later Walk Among Us is still one of my all time favorite albums.

  7. Good review. Not a very good release. Disappointing!

  8. Great review, I agree with just about everything you said. But I have to say that I think “Ixnay on the Hombre” is actually a better album than "Smash".

  9. This song is just so-so, and the other new one posted on their site (Cruising California) kinda blows. It's a shame, I was actually looking forward to this album, but so far it's not looking very promising.

  10. I just watched the Dante episode and the preview for the series and loved it! Any word on when the other episodes will be aired? Keep us posted.

  11. Under not ubder.

  12. I'm sure you could go on. And so could I (Pinhead Gunpowder, F-Minus...) but my issue with short albums isn't so much about the quality of the music as it is about how much the record company charges for it. Why should we have to pay the same amount of money for a 16 minute Circle Jerks cd that we pay for a 50 minute Bad Religion dics? The short cd's should cost less! It's the same on iTunes as it is in a store, 99 cents for a thirty seconds song ? come on, that's a load of crap. Most of us don't have the money to spare so if you're gonna put out a cd, make it long enough to justify me spending 10 to 15 dollars on it. If it's ubder 30 minutes, call it an ep and charge less.

  13. I wasn't really trying to shit on the thing. I just wasn't that thrilled with it.

  14. NOFX probably have sold more records than Rancid overall. They have put out a lot more albums over the years so that makes prefect sense. But they never had a single CD that sold as much as "And Out Come The Wolves" (or possibly "Life Won't Wait", I'm not sure about that one). "Wolves" was a platinum record and the best NOFX ever did was sell gold on "Punk In Drublic". And I've never heard NOFX on the radio. If I were to listen to my local 90's radio station today, I would hear about 4 songs from Green Day , 2 or 3 from Offspring and 1 each from Bad Religion and Rancid and that is why they are "the big 4 of 90's punk rock".

  15. I too prefer to have cd's, at least for the most part. The good thing about sites like iTunes is that they give you the option to pick and choose which songs you want to buy. As for cd's being gone in five years... I blame Best Buy!!! Back in the 90's Best Buy started putting local (small) record stores out of business. Today there are very few small record stores still in business so if you want to buy a physical copy of a cd, you go to Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart. But those stores have GREATLY cut down the amount of music that they carry. So when you look at it that way, big box stores put the small mom and pop stores out of business and then abandoned the media when the sales started to lag and since there are not a lot of other places left to buy cd's the sales dropped even more. So to Best Buy's finance department it looks like they got out just in time but in actuality, they were responsible for a majority of the drop in sales.

  16. The only thing that you and I agree on, regarding this record, is that "Occult Enemies" is the better song. Both songs are alright but I don't see how you can say that "Russian Spies" feels more "honest" than the entire 'White Crosses' cd, that thing is full of honest, emotional songs (Because Of The Shame, Ache With Me, We're Breaking Up...). "Russian Spies" sounds like a throw away track to me, something that should have been used as a B-side. Lyrically, it's kinda lame and the music is standard Against Me!.

  17. I'm glad you liked the album. I didn't get to see them live this year either, they usually come through my area around St. Patrick's day but this year they skipped Cleveland, Ohio. They are playing a gig this summer but I'll be out of town so I'll miss that one too. Damn!