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  1. Rancid 08/21/2013 9:08 AM

    there are a lot of good songs on dominoes but i belive the prouduction could have been better i think mr brett dropped the ball on the dominoes with that said i saw them in NYC not to long ago and it was the best rancid show i ever saw so im looking forward to honor is all i know?

  2. good young band out of band out of rotterdam they have plenty of time to grow if they stick with it and will be a good band for time to come just one thing rember they are a band not a girl band

  3. i know there are people out there that call tim and the rest of rancid sell out's but i bet none of them are agnostic front and madball and other NYHC band's or last resort and cock sparrer and other UK oi! and punk bands

  4. i forgot to add that i own all of the 7"that they put out and i think they recorded a lot of split's with oi! band's old and new and if your new to the oi! scene do yourself a favor and look into many of the band's they recorded with you dont have to buy the record's you can discover them on face book myspace youtube and most important dying scene

  5. a 4 out of 5 star rating is dead on but you have to give it up to them for putting 24 song's on the lp/cd and be able to listen to it from the 1st song to the last,and it's very inexpensive to boot so if your new to the oi! scene or old school like myself this is a must buy