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  1. Well I have been waiting for this album since I heard Same Shite Different Night how ever many moths ago that was and all I can say..... WELL WORTH THE WAIT this album is awesome!!!! Hope they come to Boston area soon, if you like celtic punk or celtic folk or just great drinking songs check this out

  2. I agree with you whole heartedly!!!

  3. They are amazing!!! Seen them a few times, great music, better live show. First time I had the pleasure of seeing them live was an all day show in a community center in Sherwood Park Alberta with a bunch of shitty bands, went to see GOB (another awesome Canadian punk band) but left with Knuckleheads "Keep your hands off my sister" cassette.... what the hells a cassette? Amazing!!! Fat Cat, Tommy, Outta sight/ Outta mind all songs that followed me thru high school. Another Neurotic Episode didn't disappoint either start to finish great album. Then I moved to Boston and never heard anything about or from them until last summer got Hearts on Fire on I tunes and they just keep get better with age. So I cant wait to hear the new album and if anyone can fill me in on anything I missed from them between 96 to 2010 please update me, no doubt it will gnarly!!

  4. This disc needs multiple plays before judgement should be laid... not my favorite, but it was much better the second and third time through, I think after you know what your getting sound wise from this album you get a better appreciation of it musically and it is quite well done just not standard or normal Greenday.

  5. And how do you do that???? Quoting NOFX... ugh