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  1. Is the lead singer of this band the same lead singer from I Against I??

  2. Just picked up the album a few days ago.. lovin' it already!! i'm digging "A Little Hope" right now.. killer song!!

  3. The Distillers are a tease 01/04/2018 8:01 PM

    I second all those "fucks"!! and I'll add a holy fuck shit nickels!!

  4. I'd put the new Pulley album on that list. The first 4 songs on that album are great and the No Use cover at the end is sweet!! P.S.: Thank u for starting this site Dave. I've been following for years now and you guys have introduced me to some bands that I am forever thankful for. Keep up the good work to you and all of the contributors of Dying Scene.

  5. bout time Scotty Radz!!!

  6. They did a great job.. it's not "every" song tho!!

  7. That's what the racist dickface gets for trying to pull that shit with a punk band from Boston. He gets drop kicked in the fuckin' face!! Yeah Street Dogs!!!

  8. Sad news. I'll definitely listen to "Where No One Knows My Name" at high volume tonight!! R.I.P. David :(

  9. always loved the opening line of Pulley's "If".... "What the fuck is really goin' on with me!!!" That song always got me fired up in my younger days. Actually, it still gets me fired up.. I'm too old to jump in the pit now tho ;) PW.

  10. Well, that's some bullshit news to hear!! Listening to this band had me harkening back to sound of No Use. Gonna miss these guys PW :(

  11. Tony Sly - vocals/rhythm guitar Kurt Cobain - vocals/rhythm guitar Johnny Ramone - lead guitar Jason Thirsk - bass guitar and fuck it.. Keith Moon on drums!!

  12. Don't worry about them idiots who post on YouTube Kev. Funny thing is, these morons supposedly don't like the band they post comments on. Why the fuck go to that video then? Go watch your shitty band and comment on their shitty video and stay the fuck off any 7 Seconds videos. P.S.: I like the new song. Fuck the pricks that don't. They can eat a cock!!!

  13. Killer fuckin' album right there!! I remember listening to this album at an old Tower Records in Boston and being completely blown away. I always wished this band lasted more than 1 album.. They definitely should have.

  14. You're taste in punk music is horrible!! Nice.. j/k. I like it. Any word on the release date of the album or if it's already out? I'm very interested to know :)

  15. It's good to see some of these "punk" dudes giving props to Pearl Jam. Hause and Brian Fallon as well as many others. I love many punk bands but PJ and Nirvana and that whole Seattle scene really changed the way I felt about music back in the day. And thank god, it put a nail in the coffin to shitty hair metal bands of the 80's. Plus how great is it to be Eddie Vedder. Here's is a list of many of the people that he shared a stage with to perform songs together: Neil Young, Mike Watt, Dave Grohl, Tom Petty, The Ramones, My Morning Jacket, U2, Bono, Bruce Sprinsteen, The Who, Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend, Mike Ness, Jonny 2 Bags, Johnny Depp, REM, Neil Finn, Liam Finn, Ace Frehley, Roger Waters, The Doors, Jack Johnson, Patti Smith, The Supersuckers, X, John Doe, Ben Harper, Glen Hansard, Robert Plant, Sleater Kinney, Cat Power, Chris Cornell, Beck, The Frogs, The Strokes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, Mark Arm, Mudhoney, Perry Farrell, Bad Religion, Tim Armstrong, Kings Of Leon, Band Of Horses and The Rolling Stones. Probably left some out but that's a pretty fuckin' impressive list of people to perform with!!