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My favorite punk type bands are The Clash, The Ramones and Rancid. Favorite music genres are Old School Punk, Ska, Reggae, Underground Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Latin and World.

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  1. Arguably my favorite album of the 90s. The question is this; are you an Al Qaeda/Tea Party punk or are you an Anthony Bourdain punk? If you think that anything short of a four man band with lyrics screamed as fast and angrily as possible is heresy you fall into the first category and probably do not like this record (you're also a essentially a conservative fundamentalist whacko douche). If you love to explore the world and find diversity and new experiences the most satisfying things in life you fall into the latter category and will adore this record. The one place I disagree, and this is not the first place I've heard it, is the comparison to "Sandinista". This is their "London Calling" for me. It remains true to their roots as a punk band while dabbling in other genres. "Sandinista" was much more daring and concept album feeling than "Life Won't Wait" is. While I offer this disclaimer that I got into Rancid as a Clash/Ska fan via "...And Out Come the Wolves" and "Life Won't Wait"; for me 2000 was the Sandinista, it was a bit weird and took a bit of time for it to grow on me (I now love both records, hence my handle).

  2. Very accurate review. It's not a bad album by any means and I might even like it a little more than "Indestructible", it however does not grab me and pull at my heart strings in the way that albums 2-5 do. That may be just because I listened to those albums as a teenager and they are nostalgic and "coming of age" feeling for me but I will say that some of Tim's solo stuff has given me that feeling. I do fall in the Clash/Ramones branch of Rancid fans as opposed to the Hardcore branch so I'm always happy with the hooks and ska which we hear on this record. I agree that "Last One to Die" feels a bit cocky but I think it may be more of a response to the "scene"; i.e. kids calling them sell outs when "Indestructible" came out; that it is to other bands. I actually really like "New Orleans" and "East Bay Night"; for my money there is a ton of heart in each of them and they feel more authentic than most of the songs on the last album. I've traveled quite a bit and there's something genuinely charming about a love song to a city. You can say that Lars is trying to capitalize on Katrina like a country singer, but I hear genuine love in his voice on that track. I think the real place where this album suffers is exactly like "Indestructible": overpolished production. Previous albums, even the studio heavy opus LWW, almost felt live. That raw grit gave this band a charm that I can only describe as 1930s blues record meets the Clash with Johnny Ramone on guitar. The songs are solid, it's the production and packaging that feel a bit corporate/mainstream for me. I think album art really sums it up; when I first saw it I mistook it for a B-sides or Greatest hits record- it just looks a bit generic. Look at the covers to any of the earlier albums and look at this. It looks like a T-shirt compared to the gorgeous art of "Rancid (1993)", the iconically disenfranchised cover of "...And Out Come the Wolves" or the wonderfully curious "Life Won't Wait". And production wise, I feel like compared to previous records it is a bit generic. As you said, there's not much here that hasn't been done better in the past and we hold this band to the highest standard. Still, it's better than most and I think a good chunk of the songs are quite good. Any blue-blooded Rancid fan should find it worthwhile even if it is not a new favorite.

  3. Rancid mixing new album 06/21/2013 6:06 AM

    At the Silver Spring (DC) show on Wednesday Lars said the album is tentatively called "Honor is all we know"... which is a Tim Armstrong solo song, I guess the album will have a Rancid version of that on it. I got the impression he was kinda testing the waters on the title, he said it was "tentative" and asked the crowd what they though about it. I just hope they get a better cover art than LTDF had... just me or did it look like a freebee t-shirt you get when you buy an album? That might be ok for other bands but these are the guys that have had some of the most iconic album art in modern punk. The other album covers are all gorgeous in their own ways from an art perspective (my personal fave is LWW) but this last one felt a bit generic too me.