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  1. @Kyle Well said. But I think what most of us old school AFI fans miss isn't necessarily the slamming around and screaming to 3 power chords, but instead the darker lyrics and sounds AFI would produce during their stink with Nitro. They just held more sway when it came to something meaningful. They had to work to where they had gotten with "The Art of Drowning," and then after that they threw it all away. Grant-it, Davey Havok had surgery on his throat, and that could ruin any singers careers (he had a great a voice, and still does), but, if you listen closely, to what they were making back in the 90's compared to what they do today--it's worlds apart. Now, I understand that bands will go through changes (Strung Out fan here, and I have seen plenty of change with them), but the change AFI has gone through warrants more skepticism than respect.

  2. Hi LadyJoJo! What an awesome and extremely well written article :) No Trigger wrote a song somewhat about this situation, "More to Offer".

  3. I give this review 4.5 out of 5 stars for sure! I couldn't agree more with what all you've said about the album. I have listened to 'True North' about 20-30 times now, and I think this one of their best works to date. Although, I am a bit disappointed you didn't mention 'The Island'; man I love that song!