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Sport City sucks. Louisiana sucks. You suck.

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  1. Wattie wearing an Exploited tshirt. You dont see too much of that.

  2. DOA announces farewell tour dates 01/20/2014 12:01 PM

    They are also coming to Dallas Texas to the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.

  3. Dallas was Awesome. Wish I could have made it to New Orleans.

  4. As was Duane Peters and the rest of US Bombs (as you can tell from my pic)

  5. Fat mike was cool when I met him and Spike in Las Vegas this past year.

  6. This guy should be happy people still want to watch his silly ass perform.

  7. US Bombs is a great band. Swingin Utters is a great band. Circle Jerks were great. Blink 182 is a great band. Why does everyone think they have to just like hard or old street punk to be cool? Im quite capable of liking more than one thing at a time. You should try it.

  8. It doesnt get any better than PRB

  9. i would eat miley cyrus's butthole off

  10. Swingin uteers, us bombs, nofx, bad religion, and flag. Save your money and fly out to Vegas for PRB 2014!

  11. I like their music, but fuck them. $75 for a concert ticket. Thats Barbara Streisand prices. I saw three days of Punk Rock Bowling for $100, and that had some of the greatest punk bands of all time. Bad religion, subhumans, swingin utters, dri, flag, us bombs, devo and on and on. They can buy their infinite pools and rolls royces with somebody else's money.

  12. Rancid has sucked for years. Punk is Adloescents and US Bombs and Circle Jerks. Tim is fuckin douche bag idiot.

  13. Rancid sux. They are sexist and their singer supports homophobia and censorship. Fuck Rancid and their shitty records. Only 'Lets Go' is good. The first record is ok. Everything else sux.

  14. When he mentions his 'peers' not being able to walk away, I hope he's not talking about Keith Morris or Duane Peters or people like that. Theres nothing wrong with being an old punk. There not just playing old stuff, they put out great new stuff all the time.

  15. The US Bombs 06/04/2013 5:06 PM

    Duane Peters said, on twitter, that the Bombs had such a blast at punk rock bowling 2013, that they were thinking about a us tour before their new record comes out. Thats fuckin awesome. They were great. I met Chip and Duane on Fremont street, and Kerry and Wade at the show. They all were super fuckin cool and took pictures with us and everything. Coolest fuckin band out there!