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  1. People who are first getting into green day should avoid the trilogy in general but not until they truely become fans of green day would they like these albums

  2. Green day isnt green day anymore but they still have rock and roll mother fuckers don't be hating on these guys cause they aint pure punk anymore. fucking dicks

  3. Great album best ive heard i don't think bad religion will ever be out dated BAD RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. not best green day but very good for its time green day isn't young anymore and like they mature so does their music i give this album a solid 7/10

  5. badass!!!!!

  6. Cant wait bad religion hasnt disappointed me ever so i doubt theyll start :)

  7. Blink 182 has a bunch of stupid songs that we can all relate to so i like blink 182 because we can all relate to their songs and stories :) i dont care that its not the same as it was back in the day its still pretty bad ass :)

  8. i love bad religion there is nothing better than a total mind fuck to make things total punk rock.

  9. Fall out boy had its time for the pop punk scene and while trying to embrace their inner pop punk they completely lost it don't hate on fall out boy but just listen to their old music from the albums " from under the cork tree" and "take it to your grave" now they just arent rock anymore but remember what the y once were.