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Pathetic example of Earth's organic heritage.

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  1. Not trying to nitpick, but it seems like you're confusing Shawn Brown for Brian Baker in this write up. Brian's on guitar, as pictured, while Shawn's doing the vocal duties since they re-formed for some shows and whatnot recently. Naw'mean?

  2. Yes sirs! It's Tee from lifeboat...looking forward to playing with you guys again on the 28th.

  3. Legitness overload! More people should know about NOT.

  4. Ya'll should snag the updated group photo with Jamie Miller included since Brooks has been in Bat Country for a lil' bit. Supposedly, Greg was dyeing his hair for a while to mask the fact his scalp printer ran out of hair toner...and then eventually gave that shit a rest. Somebody suggested he go back to dyeing it, but of course he took No Direction from them. Get at me.

  5. Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't calling. I hope you know I done ripped all of your posters off the wall. You could have wrote an autograph for Matthew. That's my little brother. He loves you more than I do.

  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBL-V20JwE0/?taken-by=jaybentleys

  7. Woo! Definitely going to be heading out for at least one of the VB shows. Should be neat.

  8. The Bad Religion-used font, band name is a BR song name, and BR sound....means I like it!

  9. This is legit!

  10. Hey, this is Thomas from lifeboat! and I wanted to thank you all for posting this up! Much appreciated!