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  1. I am so disappointed in this flatliners album, the only thing good about this album is the lyrics. Idk why he had to add an effect to his voice when his voice is already great this makes no sense. Rise Records ruins everything that they touch :(

  2. Great Ep can't wait until a full album comes out!

  3. This band is pretty damn good for a band i didn't even know.

  4. This Album is Going to be incredible I cant Wait!! these 15 second teasers are killing me.

  5. Fuck right!! Can't Wait until this Ep releases, hell i can't wait until this band comes out with a new album :)

  6. Fuck right cant't wait until this album comes out!! :)

  7. This is a fucking awesome album

  8. Going* i'm so excited about this album that i misspelled a word lol

  9. Fuck right i've been waiting for a new bracket album and this already sounds like it's goimg to be amazing :)

  10. Fuck Yes!!!!! I've Been waiting for them to release a new album I cant fucking wait. But WHY RISE RECORDS WTF

  11. The Greatest Sons 03/06/2014 2:03 PM

    fucking awesome

  12. you cant go wrong with banner pilot

  13. Wtf is wrong with her she is so bad now, she was badass in the distillers but after that its all shit

  14. definitely man great song