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  1. Relative to a lot of the very--and I mean very--ordinary punk records that get released all the time, I find the rating somewhat harsh. The write-up is fair, honest, and even courageous considering how anticipated that album was and especially considering how favorable the reviews are across the board, but 2 out of 5, which translates to 40% (not even close to a passing mark if it were an exam ;-) ) makes me wonder what kind of rating records by less talented bands would get. Anyway, I find the album has more redeeming qualities than the reviewer lets on, but that's the beauty of reviewing.

  2. You know, this sounds awesome. It's right up my line and it's something I would've been willing to pay for, that is, until I started trying to figure out the lyrics. They need someone to proofread their texts. Badly. I'm all for a bit of artistic freedom, but there are problems with very basic English grammar all over the album. It's a shame because it really sounds great.

  3. Thanks Bob, I wholeheartedly agree that a nice photo gallery beats a camera phone video any day of the week, at least for my taste. No problem for the forum, I'll go say hello sometime soon.

  4. I find this review so convincing, so downright passionate, that I'll give the album a few extra listenings, despite the fact it didn't do much for me at first.

  5. You're totally right: I meant to say Josh Taylor. Should be corrected soon.

  6. I kinda like Frank Turner, but I like him because he reminds of The Counting Crows, a band I listened to in 1996, which, when you think about it, isn't necessarily a good thing. It's also the kind of video they would've come up with back then.