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  1. Lastly; another song to look at is Not Just Boys' Fun by 7 Seconds. Primarily because it's by fucking 7 Seconds.

  2. Side note, I find it funny that I was just writing a (long-overdue) poem last night on this subject, that I'd been meaning to get to for quite a while.

  3. Prepare yourself for a TL;DR post. I've always been incredibly angered by the attitude towards women in punk. Especially since there aren't enough female punk bands playing these days. Then you take the ones out who you don't like and the number of female punk bands you can listen to becomes, I think, abysmally small. The issue of sexual assault is one however, that while I've heard about online, and even from friends, I've never witnessed. A friend and I have, however, been groped at and rubbed, at local shows by ridiculously drunk late 30s-early 40s women and I can say from that experience that I sure as hell wouldn't want to experience them going any further (it was mostly as Screeching Bottlerocket said, rubbing of my back and arms). Another small thing is, that while their is obvious behavior that is unacceptable, I have seen some women who brutally attack men at shows who come anywhere near them; as one girl did at an A Wilhelm Scream show. I was pogoing at a Dropkick Murphys show and accidentally stepped on a girl's foot. She lost her shit at me. Again, some behavior is inexcusable, but the nature of punk rock means that going to a show will hurt. In fact, if it doesn't, you're probably doing it wrong. Just food for thought. I find it absolutely abhorrent that anyone could tell a woman to expect sexual assault at a concert, like that guy did to you (and I have heard it said myself). It reminds me of slut-shaming. Blaming the victim for conduct completely out of their control and telling them they can't dress this way or go to that event because they'll be raped. Punk was built on the idea of equality, of unity. Of making a place for people who have none. It is despicable that we would adhere to society's misogynistic idea of what is and isn't okay for women. Women are not fuck dolls. This is why I consider myself a feminist which is, as Rebecca West said; the radical notion that women are people. If we're all here to just back the status quo, then I ask, what is the fucking point?