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  1. I'm so excited for this! I've literally passed up TWO opportunities to see Candy Hearts now! I can not pass up this one!

  2. Shit, I really hope that whole Tigers Jaw incident has nothing to do with this. Other than that, I wish all members well! Hopefully they'll be back soon!

  3. I'm gonna be honest here & you can say what you want about it. The only Sum 41 album I've ever truly liked was Underclass Hero. Before & After Underclass, I never truly cared for what the band was doing. With that said, I'm really glad they're making new music! Not only is it good for their frontman, but also for the band as a whole. All I want for these guys (& for any band really) is to be happy and healthy while doing something that they love. High hopes for a comeback!

  4. I these were announced forever and a day ago, but yes, wonderful dates indeed!

  5. Cool album! Go to bandcamp & donate a couple of spare bucks to them! It's worth it!

  6. Didn't know what I was expecting but I'm impressed! Was just going to listen to one song & ended up listening to half of it! Will be looking out for these guys!