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  1. Just pre-ordered this gem. Ep sounds great. Awaiting my new shirt.

  2. Well said Carson Winter. It's time to move on. We Will Fly, Class Of '86, White Stain. These bands are where it's at now. It's nice to hear new music from the bands that introduced my of us to the world of punk. But best album of the year? Sorry, but no.

  3. This is the best album I've heard in a long time. Every song is gold.

  4. Some Nerve is awesome. Best track imo is "The Patriot"

  5. "Fuck you! Will be message number one!" Belvedere, fast forward eats the tape.

  6. This sounds awesome, I'll have to give it a few more listens.

  7. I really like Homegrown`s Kings of pop album. I don`t know why, and I never tell anyone or play it loud in my truck. Headphones only tunes!

  8. Just picked this up, so good. Keep'em coming!

  9. This is an awesome cover of an awesome song.

  10. It's rare that I get excited enough for an album to listen to the stream before it's released or pre-order the CD, but this one of those times. And of course Comeback Kid didn't let me down. Another awesome album.