TNS Records is a Manchester based independent record label. TNS (Thats Not Skanking) was founded in 2003 as a fanzine and to put on local gigs. In 2008 TNS evolved to include a record label with the aim of supporting great underground Punk.

TNS is run based on the following core principles:

- TNS are dedicated to supporting exciting music at grass roots level.
- We believe in the music 'scene' working together as a community making every aspect better for all, discriminating against none.
- TNS is run on a not-for-profit basis. We generally just about cover costs, anything else funds future releases.
- 'TNS' bands should be actively involved in supporting other bands and helping them to play in their towns, working as hard as possible to get underground music out to genuine fans.
- TNS oppose pay-to-play gigs, music competitions and money grabbing promotors. Music should never be about competing.
- We believe that music can be a positive force politically, socially and morally, but also that everyone involved should have lots of fun!

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