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Hey there, my name's Bruno, i'm a thirty something father of three little punks. I'm also a (shitty) drummer and a huge fan of lagwagon.

I started listening to punk rock in high school, almost 20 years ago. Back then I was hosting a punk rock radio show during lunch time and I guess that this is where it all began.

I've been introduced to that music by listening to punk rock bands from the 90's, which is in my opinion, one of the greatest era in punk rock history.


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  1. ...And Out Come The New Designs! 04/23/2015 11:04 AM

    In my opinion, white font/black text box was part of Dying Scene's Identity and signature. It's not awful but it's a lot different from what DS used to look like. I'm aware that it's a work in progress but right now, just like the previous comments, I think it's way too bright and cold.

  2. The Shell Corporation and a bunch of other great releases were on my list at some point this year. I had to make choices since I really wanted to write a top 10...I'm glad you like Flanders72

  3. How about a Surfers reunion?...

  4. Totally digging this.

  5. Amazing. I really like that song, can't wait to see them live next month..

  6. Actually pretty good. Listening to FACE THE FAX right now...wow.

  7. Well done. Lovin it.

  8. Can't wait. Track listing also revealed. Curious to hear what "Drag" sounds like played by LW..

  9. Never heard of them before. Listening to it right now, so far so good!

  10. Pretty impressived, i'd like to see Adrenalized live. But I still prefer the Rockfest's line-up.

  11. I already went several time to Rockfest and Pouzza so I would say Punk Rock Bowling and Groezrock.

  12. Totally digging this! Great find.

  13. Not bad at all. She sounds a lot like Hayley Williams..

  14. Pretty stoked about this! Can't wait to hear Chris and Brian's records!

  15. Great stuff. The Sainte Catherines and Powernap will both be performing at the Amnesia Rockfest. It Should be good...

  16. Pinch me, I'm dreaming...sick line-up.