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  1. great list without surprises

  2. Southern Air was bad but this is outright terrible and I really liked their older material

  3. warped tour is anything but punk, watched the webcast for 5 hours and the only good band was bayside and they are not punk either

  4. I simply don't get it what's so special about them apart from their masks. Straight forward rock'n roll based pop-punk and that's it plus simple minded lyrics. Not bad at all but what the hype?

  5. they suck but they should kill anyway ;)

  6. They are from Vienna, Austria ;)

  7. great album though i liked time & pressure a wee bit better

  8. Today's Misfits is a joke though a bad one. Without Glen they became a mere cover band. Hope he will not join the freak show.

  9. i like the Mizzerables but to cover a bad song wasn't such a good idea