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i was a Fargo punk kid in the 90's. i still am today, in colorado.

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  1. mobina galore are fucking amazing

  2. I guess bands had to be repeated since fat wreck has yet to achieve 25 bands on the past and present roster. so dumb. nice work spotify.

  3. Nah man not trolling. I was drinking and therefore maybe I didn't hold back enough with my opinion. Seriously though that is some seriously poppy fuckin music

  4. Wasted Potential 05/22/2015 9:05 PM

    very hard not to love some canadians. especially when they do shit right

  5. well that was a bunch of pop fucked obnoxiousness. Sounds a whole hell of a lot like the soundtrack to a tween oriented disney flick.

  6. this reminds me of the new bomb turks, i'm guessing because these fellas are causing the same moves to be busted.

  7. a hot trist between stockyard stoics and swingin utters and just a hint of pud. Love the sound.

  8. a fucking monster mutant weatherthans masterpiece

  9. fuck! that is a good album

  10. is this jon cougar concentration camp in disguise?