Scott Sorry (punk) streams “Carry On” from upcoming solo album “When We Were Kings”

New England one-man punk band Scott Sorry is set to release his debut solo album in early 2016, and you can stream “Carry On”, the fist track from that album, below.

The tune chronicles a pivotal moment in Scott’s life. He writes:

“A few years ago I found myself in a pretty bad situation. Estranged from my wife and kid, living on my friends floor, as far from sober as I could be, watching and letting my entire life fall to pieces. It was a pretty dark period. I took a long hard look in the mirror and realized I had 2 choices.. get your act together..or just give up. I chose to get my act together and took every step necessary to do so. No pity parties. Man Up. That’s what I did.

A couple years later I was in the house I grew up in visiting my folks with my wife and kids. I started reflecting on a lot of stuff. Thinking about how life would be different if I hadn’t made that choice. I have a lot of friends I miss dearly ’cause they made a different one.

This song just started pouring out. I brought it to the band..and we wrote Carry On.”

“Carry On” is taken from Scott Sorry’s forthcoming album “When We Were Kings”.

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