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Jon Bunch (Further Seems Forever, Sense Field, Lucky Scars) passes away

Former vocalist for Further Seems Forever, Sense Field, and most recently for Lucky Scars, Jon Bunch passed away this week at the age of 46. So far there’s no word on how Bunch died, but it’s apparent from all the social media posts just how much he will be missed.

Further Seems Forever posted on their Facebook page:

We are in total shock, today we found out that Jon Bunch departed this world. Jon was an inspiration to us in so many ways. He had the uncanny ability to light up a room when he stepped into it. He left a huge imprint in the music scene from “Reason to Believe” to “Sense Field”, and we were lucky enough to make a beautiful record with him. It is a legacy of hope and one that will never fade. We truly lost a special person.

Some of Jon’s friends started a GoFundMe to set up a college fund for Jon’s son, as well as to help Jon’s family with funeral expenses, and to donate to a children’s charity. Head over here if you’d like to give.

Lucky Scars (feat. members of Ignite, War Generation) sign to Spartan Records

Cali rockers Lucky Scars are a relatively new band, but they have a lot of cumulative experience under their belts.  Founded by Johnny Scars (War GenerationFurther Seems Forever) and Nik Hill (Ignite), Lucky Scars just signed to Spartan Records for the release of their debut EP.

When asked about the band’s decision to sign to Spartan, lead vocalist Johnny Scars had this to say:

“(Label owner) John T. Frazier agreed to a year’s supply of beer. How could I say no to signing with Spartan? This will guarantee great records for the year to come.”

The EP, which will be called Rock n’ Roll Party Foul, is due out on Spartan on October 23rd.  The EP was produced by Jim Monroe (CJ Ramone, The Adolescents) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendants, All, Flag) and will be issued on limited edition 7″ vinyl and will also be available digitally.



Further Seems Forever to play Self Help Fest

Pompano Beach emo group Further Seems Forever have just announced that they’ll be playing the upcoming Self Help Fest in Bernardino, California. However, their original vocalist, Chris Carabba, will not be joining them; this means that the band will be composed of the lineup from their second album, How To Start A Fire, with Jason Gleason leading the vocals.

This news comes just off the announcement that Underoath would be reuniting for their Self Help Fest appearance. All things considered, it’s shaping to be a pretty phenomenal event.

Self Help Fest will take place on March 16th, 2016. Check their website for more details, and to book tickets.

DS Show Review: Twin Forks (Chris Carrabba), Matrimony and Destry in Boston (9/25/13)

It can, at times, be a curious thing when a well-known artist with a time-tested track record throws his or her audience a proverbial curveball and launches a completely new venture. Some projects sink, the newer sound falling on deaf, unreceptive ears, leaving the artist to chalk the new effort up to being merely a ‘side-project’ before ultimately returning to their fandom’s comfort zone. Chris Carrabba has been an obvious exception, segueing from the locally successful Vacant Andys to the more nationally successful Further Seems Forever to the hugely popular Dashboard Confessional over a decade ago.

Seeking seemingly to strike gold yet again, 2013 has found Carrabba recording and touring with a new project, Twin Forks. The folk quartet (Suzie Zeldin of The Narrative plays mandolin and provides backing vocals, Ben Homola from Brand New and Bad Books on drums and Jonathan Clark on bass round out the lineup) are currently in the early stages of a lengthy headlining tour of the US and Canada. Early fall strikes this particular writer as the perfect time for earthy, roots music, making, making the band’s late-September stop in Allston (which, for those that aren’t from the area, is sort of Boston’s version of Brooklyn in a ‘church of what’s happening now’ sense) ideal in both time and setting.

Carrabba’s perceived attempt to capitalize on a turn to a sort of Lumineers-esque sound has been the stuff of fodder for certain internet message board and comment sections (then again, what isn’t). Still, watching Twin Forks perform live, one does not walk away with the sense that anything in the experience was contrived or forced in the slightest. Showing very few signs of age in spite of a career spent on the road, Carrabba still seems every bit the earnest frontman that made him such a pioneer of the early emo, alt-punk days, particularly those days when Dashboard Confessional consisted of just, well, him. The audience on this particular night (and I’d suspect many other nights on this headlining run) was comprised overwhelmingly of fans familiar with those Dashboard days, and seemed to revel in the fact that, while the sound may have changed, there was something very familiar about what was happening. The band may be new and the sound may a little different (particularly on songs like “Back To You” and set closer “Scraping Up The Pieces,” which perhaps best highlight the layers that Zeldin bring to the band, best differentiating the sound from earlier DC efforts), but when firing on all cylinders, the sound seemed more like growth than like change for change’s sake.

Given the limited amount of material to choose from (Twin Forks’ self-titled debut EP was released only a week before the show), the set included a few covers. From an audience-participation perspective (always a vital element at a Carrabba-fronted show), the Talking Heads’ “And She Was” went over infinitely better than either the Steve Earle or Hank Williams covers, though the latter tunes seem closer to the core of Twin Forks’ true musical direction.

Support on this night came from local act Deltry (featuring Michelle DeRosa, formerly of Straylight Run, and whose set I missed all but one song of) and Matrimony, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based five-piece which features Ashlee Hardee Brown and her husband Jimmy Brown and her friend Ethan Ricks and her brother CJ Hardee and her brother Jordan Hardee (and her brother Darryl and her other brother Darryl). I thoroughly enjoyed the latter band’s set and their intriguing sound and stage presence, though to conceptualize exactly what they sounded like live has proven difficult for this novice music writer. There were certainly folky, Lumineery moments, but they almost seemed to run through a booze-infused punk filter, by way of a stop in Silversun Pickups Land. Check them out if you get the chance.

Click here to check out a few almost-good pictures of Matrimony and, of course, Twin Forks.

Further Seems Forever postpone tonight’s NYC show

In case you haven’t heard, there’s some wintery crap hitting the Northeast today. And thanks to that, emo group Further Seems Forever canceled tonight’s gig at NYC’s Gramercy Theater. No new date has been announced, but the band tweeted that they hope to reschedule.

Further Seems Forever last released “Penny Black” in October through Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever announce re-scheduled East Coast tour dates

Emo group Further Seems Forever have announced the dates for their rescheduled East Coast tour. Check out the updated schedule here.

Further Seems Forever last released “Penny Black” in October through Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever cancel upcoming East Coast tour

Florida emo act Further Seems Forever have announced their upcoming tour of the East Coast is being cancelled, due to recently awful weather conditions.

Here’s what they had to say:
Due to super storm sandy we’re unable to travel the east coast & have to cancel our shows. Currently working on rescheduling dates. Sorry, guys.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the rescheduled dates surface. The band’s new album, “Penny Black,” was released last week (October 23rd) via Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever streaming new album “Penny Black”

Further Seems Forever are streaming their new album “Penny Black” in it’s entirety here.

“Penny Black” is due out October 23rd via Rise Records. The band’s last proper release was 2004′s “Hide Nothing.”

Further Seems Forever stream new song “Rescue Trained” off upcoming album “Penny Black”

Old-school Florida emocore act Further Seems Forever have released a new song, called “Rescue Trained,” which will be appearing on their upcoming album, “Penny Black.”

You can check it out here.

“Penny Black” is due out October 23rd via Rise Records. The band’s last proper release was 2004′s “Hide Nothing.”

Further Seems Forever announce “Penny Black” pre-orders

Old-school Florida emocore act Further Seems Forever have announced a slew of pre-order options for their upcoming album “Penny Black.”

Available are myriad bundles that include t-shirts, posters, vinyl, and a bunch more options. Click here to pre-order directly from the band, or click here to skip most of the goodies and order from iTunes.

“Penny Black” is due out October 23rd via Rise Records (check out the cover art on the left). FSF’s last proper release was 2004’s “Hide Nothing.” Their last album with Chris Carraba on vocals was 2001’s “The Moon Is Down.”

Music Video: Further Seems Forever – “So Cold”

Emocore act Further Seems Forever have posted the music video for their new song “So Cold.”

You can watch it here.

The song was recently released as a single. Their new album, Penny Black, is due out October 23 via Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever stream new single “So Cold”

Emocore act Further Seems Forever ares streaming their new single “So Cold” right here.

The single was officially released today and will appear on their upcoming full-length “Penny Black,” due out October 23rd on Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever announce release date of new single “So Cold”

Emocore act Further Seems Forever will release “So Cold,” the first single off their upcoming “Penny Black,” on September 4th.

“Penny Black” is due out October 23rd on Rise Records.

Further Seems Forever announce shows in October

Emocore act Further Seems Forever has a small number of dates that they just announced they’ll be playing in October.

You can check these dates out right here.

Further Seems Forever last released “Hide Nothing” in 2004.

Further Seems Forever signs to Rise Records, recording new album

Emocore act Further Seems Forever recently signed to Rise Records. The band has been working on some new material, and are planning to release their new album “Penny Black” October 23rd.

Further Seems Forever last released “Hide Nothing” in 2004,