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Pentimento, Modern Baseball, Beach Slang and more appear on Susiepalooza benefit compilation

There’s a pretty awesome compilation featuring a bunch of awesome bands coming out in a couple weeks, and you should probably check it out. The release is called “The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp, Volume 1,” and it benefits the Lustgarten Foundation, a charity that helps in the fight against pancreatic cancer (the compilation’s namesake, Sue Marchetti, died of pancreatic cancer in 2014). The comp is out March 25th, and features bands like Beach Slang, Modern Baseball, Abandon All Ships, Pentimento, Superheaven, and more. Pre-order yours here.

Music Video: Pentimento – “My Solution Is In The Lake”

Buffalo’s Pentimento have released a brand new music video for a track off of their latest album I, No Longer. The song is called “My Solution Is In The Lake” and it is the 2nd song on the LP with a meaning as deep as the title suggests. The band made the following statement about the video:

“We tried to show with this video the things that a person might hold on to when they’re at a breaking point – and how special those things are even in their regularity. The tiny reminders of how many great things actually exist. The golden yet nonspecific moments that we replay in our head for seemingly no reason at all. These memories we carry with us without truly knowing why – well maybe they do have a purpose. Maybe they hold us up when we don’t even know we need it.”

You can take a look at the video below.

I, No Longer was released on October 23rd via Bad Timing Records.

Album Review: Pentimento – ‘I, No Longer’

Inside The Sea was the EP that really shifted Pentimento from the tried and tested waters of pop-punk into more aggressive and snappy territory. While their new album, I, No Longer, is much softer and delicate in terms of musical pace and rhythms, it still feels like an organic growth plotted from said EP. What’s most recognizable is that the punk aspect of the band is mostly gone and they’re focused on an alternative style that really feels like a mash-up of two of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World, and newcomers, Sorority Noise. What ensues is a deeply personal and connective album that shows the maturity of friends that rarely misses the mark, no matter how they temper or ignite their sound.

Most of the songs feel like breakup songs or at least the dissolution of relationships. Melodic hooks and alternative riffs, as I mentioned above, lead the formative display of Pentimento’s quiet-to-loud dynamic on so many tunes. Twinkly and telling a la what Jim Adkins and JEW do. “Stuck Forever” and “My Solution Is In The Lake” are prime examples of this – morose, catchy and made for long road trips where your most vulnerable and pensive mindset emerges. While the lyrics seem bleak and brooding, they do pack a lot of optimism and remind me of Sorority Noise’s Joy Departed from earlier this year. “Gateway” signifies this and in fact, quite a bit of the back end off I, No Longer follows this route.

Depressive jams but like I said, spots of hope off Jeremiah Pauly’s lyrics (and on-spot, clean and polished delivery on the mic). Overall, it’s a drastic shift for a band that’s clearly looking to the near future with much more introspection and contemplation which punk just doesn’t seem to fit at the moment. But rest assured, when they need to rough it again, they can. And pretty fucking well. Recommended.

3.5 / 5

Listen to I, No Longer, below

Watch: Pentimento preform “Stuck Forever” at Little Elephant

Those nice folks over at Little Elephant have just released another video. This time, it’s of Buffalo, New York’s Pentimento giving a live performance of their sing “Stuck Forever”. Check it out below.

“Stuck Forever” is the titular track off the band’s most recent EP, which was released via Bad Timing Records earlier this year.

Pentimento stream upcoming album “I, No Longer” in its entirety

Buffalo, New York’s Pentimento have made their upcoming album I, No Longer available for streaming, and you can give it a listen below.

The LP releases on October 23rd through Bad Timing Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Pentimento stream new song “Clever Reason”

Buffalo outfit Pentimento are streaming another new song off their upcoming album I, No Longer.

The new track is called “Clever Reason,” and you can check it out here.

I, No Longer is available for vinyl pre-order right here, while digital pre-orders can be found here. The album is due out October 23rd courtesy of Bad Timing Records.

New Music: Pentimento stream “My Solution Is In The Lake” from upcoming album “I, No Longer”

Another Wednesday brings us another new track from the forthcoming Pentimento album. The new track is called “My Solution Is In The Lake,” and you can check it out here.

The track appears on the Buffalo punks’ forthcoming album “I, No Longer,” which is available for vinyl pre-order right here, while digital pre-orders can be found here. The album is due out October 23rd courtesy of Bad Timing Records.

Joey Cape chats with The Bobs on this new episode of Dying Scene Radio!

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious and Bobby Pickles connect with Joey Cape live from his van. The three discuss Joey’s new solo record, Stitch Puppy,  the story behind the song, “Tracks”, and what it was like to record his latest acoustic album using a similar formula to that of his label, One Week Records.  Bobby uses his “Wop Dar” to uncover the Italian roots of the Lagwagon frontman, insinuates that, like most musicians, Joey is inherently lazy, and then asks Mr. Cape a very pretentious question, which Joey has not the authority to answer adequately, given that the punk rock ethos transcends ideas and is really a part of one’s DNA. But, Joey agrees with Bob’s ethos, being a 46 year old man who lives his life like a 17 year old boy.

SYNOPSIS OF BANTER: Jason 3D of The Jasons designed a FAT ENZO t-shirt depicting The Bobs getting killed by The Jasons. Lou Koller, frontman of NYHC greats, Sick Of It All, speaks with ten year old Elliott of Little Punk People, and Bobby wants to make him a DSR war correspondent because he’s interviewed many of the same people as Bob and he’s a much more talented interviewer. The Bobs discuss their impending full-coverage of FEST 14 in Gainesville and Pre-FEST in Tampa. Bobby doesn’t know who Mikey Erg or Ronnie James Dio is. The Svetlanas are from “Mother Russia” just as PigPen are comprised of more bacon than Bob puts down during breakfast. Why does EVERYBODY think the iconic Motörhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, is going to die? Bob says if Lemmy isn’t really afraid to die, he’d have played a fourth song in Austin. Bob thinks he might need to go back to the dark liquors. Bob says, “Lemmy will live forever and what kind of world are we going to leave for Lemmy?”

AND VIGNETTES BY: Elliott Fullam of Little Punk PeopleJ. Prozac of Doubtfire, Todd Dulawan of Distorted Signals, Dylan Flynn of Pass The Bass, and Mike Hansen of Pentimento.

Episode 28’s recurring theme: bad/spot-on accents, artists who’ve recorded records in one-week’s time, and Bobby’s three keys to success – Persistence, Arrogance, and Stupidity, with major emphasis on the latter. 

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus this week’s new music and headlines, below.

Night Birds – 8 Inch Betsy
PMX – Pull The Trigger
8 Inch Betty – Mean Days
Svetlanas – Siberia
PEARS – Snowflake
Guilty By Association – Coming Home
Doubtfire – California
The Mahones – Fuck You
Joey Cape Interview
Joey Cape – Spill My Guts
Lagwagon – Made Of Broken Pieces
Pentimento – Sink Or Swim

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Pentimento stream new track “Sink Or Swim” from upcoming album “I, No Longer”

Seems like only yesterday that we first learned of Pentimento‘s plans for their new album, “I, No Longer,” but it wasn’t…it was Monday!

Sorry about that one. Anyway, the Buffalo punks are presently giving us our first taste of what’s to come from “I, No Longer.” The new track “Sink Or Swim” is now available for your listening pleasure by heading right here.

Vinyl pre-order’s for “I, No Longer” are available here, while digital pre-orders can be found here. The album is due out October 23rd courtesy of Bad Timing Records.

Pentimento announce new album & tour

Buffalo outfit Pentimento have just announced that their upcoming album, “I, No Longer” will be released on October 23rd, via Bad Timing Records. According to a press release, the album “showcases the band’s growth since their 2013 debut, adding elements of emo and indie rock to their anthemic punk rock sound.” The album can be pre-ordered off Bandcamp for $5.

To top that, the band has also announced a new fall tour schedule, that will see the band travel the country, accompanied by Better Off, A Will Away, and Caleb & Carolyn. Check out the schedule below.

Pentimento stream new song “All The While” from upcoming “Stuck Forever” 7-inch


Buffalo’s Pentimento are now streaming a new song “All The While” off their upcoming 7-inch EP “Stuck Forever.” Check out the song right here.

The band streamed the title track last month; you can check it out here. “Stuck Forever” is set for July 10th release through Bad Timing Records, and is available for pre-order here.


Pentimento stream new track “Stuck Forever” off upcoming EP

Buffalo’s Pentimento are now streaming a new song “Stuck Forever” off their upcoming EP of the same name. Check out the song below.

The “Stuck Forever” EP will feature the title track as well as a track called “All The While.” The 7″ is set for July 10th release through Bad Timing Records, and is available for pre-order here.

Pentimento announce 7″ single “Stuck Forever”

Buffalo’s Pentimento have just announced they will be releasing their newest 7″ “Stuck Forever” on July 10th via Bad Timing Records. The 7″ will feature two new songs “Stuck Forever” and “All The While.” Starting on June 10th, you will be able to pre-order the EP here.

Pentimento will be releasing a new full length later this fall. The band previously released “Inside The Sea” in 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records.



Pentimento release teaser of new song

In the wake of Pentimento signing to Bad Timing Records for a 7-inch in the summer, the band has taken to Twitter to post a clip of a new song with the text “Stuck forever, alone together” and the date June 8, 2015. You can listen to the clip here, and we’ll keep our ears to the ground as more information becomes available (possibly on June 8).

Pentimento last released an EP titled Inside the Sea in 2013 through Paper + Plastick Records. The band’s self-titled debut record was released a year prior to that.

Reggie and the Full Effect announce tour dates with Pentimento and The Weaks

Reggie and The Full Effect (James Dewees from The Get Up Kids) announced a quick little run of US dates that’ll kick of July 22nd in Baltimore and run through August 1st in Dekalb, IL. They’ll be taking Pentimento and The Weaks along as support. Check out the full rundown below (or click on the picture to the left to blow it up).

Reggie and the Full Effect’s last album, No Country for Old Musicians, was released in 2013 via Pure Noise Records and served as a follow-up to the band’s 2008 full-length Last Stop: Crappy Town which was released throughVagrant Records.