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I Voted For Kodos announce album, launch Kickstarter

Wisconsin ska/pop punk act I Voted For Kodos have announced plans to release a new album, to be funded via Kickstarter. Check out the project details and donate over here.

The band will host an album release show on August 31st in Madison, Wisconsin, also featuring Survay Says!, 4 Aspirin Morning and Noises. For more details, head over here.

Masked Intruder replace Direct Hit! for Wisconsin Punk Fest

It looks like Masked Intruder will be filling in for Direct Hit! at this year’s Wisconsin Punk Fest, following the theft of their tour van.”I just told the suit from the Majestic that we had just found some cash and some gear, and so we could fill in and do the show real cheap,” says Masked Intruder drummer Red.

The show takes place on January 10th in Madison featuring The American Dead, Whisky Pig, 4 Aspirin Morning, Government Zero and more. For details and tickets head over here.

4 Aspirin Morning streaming collection of Christmas songs

Wisconsin ska punk outfit 4 Aspirin Morning are now streaming a collection of their holiday tunes for your listening pleasure, including “Let It Snow (This Nuclear Winter) and “Christmas In Heaven.” Check them out right here.

The band last released their debut full length “Cash Poor, Liquor Rich” earlier this year.

Blank Face Records to release “Blank Shot Compilation Volume II” (Timeshares, Not Half Bad, The DUI’s, , more)

On November 23rd, Blank Face Records will be releasing the second volume of their “Blank Shot Compilation” series, featuring songs by Timeshares, Not Half Bad, The DUI’s, The Moguls, 4 Aspirin Morning, Wiscoholics, and many more.

You can grab a free download of the first volume right here, featuring Masked Intruder, The Moguls, and more.

A release show will be held in Madison, Wisconsin featuring Last False Hope, EME, I Am Dragon, and Wiscoholics. For more information on that head over here.

I Voted For Kodos (ska) reunite, stream title track off upcoming 7-inch

Long-running Midwest pop punk/ska outfit I Voted For Kodos called it quits back in 2007, but recently headed back into the studio to record three new tracks for a 7″ entitled “Dear Chris Demakes, I’m Also Never Going Back to New Jersey.” Today we’re pleased to present the title track, which you can stream below.

A release party will be held on November 30th in Madison, Wisconsin. 4 Aspirin Morning and Something To Do will open the show. For more details, head over here.

[Audio:dear-chris-demakes.mp3|titles=Dear Chris Demakes I’m Also Never Going Back To New Jersey|artists=]

Music Video: 4 Aspirin Morning (ska/punk) – “Cemetery Song”

Madison, Wisconsin ska punk outfit 4 Aspirin Morning have released a new music video for “Cemetery Song,” and you can check it out right here.

The track appeared on the band’s debut full length “Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich,” released earlier this year. You can stream the whole thing right here.

I Voted For Kodos (pop punk/ska) announces reunion show, releasing new 7″

Defunct Madison, Wisconsin ska/pop punk outfit I Voted For Kodos has announced a reunion show in late November, to be accompanied by the release of a 7″ featuring two brand new songs and one B-side from the band’s 2006 record “My New Obsession.” Wisconsin ska bands 4 Aspirin Morning and Something To Do will open the show. For more details, head over here.

This will be the band’s first live appearance since their original run from 1999-2007. During their career, the band released two full length albums, “Close Enough For Ska” (2001) and “My New Obsession” and one EP, “Not Penis Cream” (2003) all via Snapdragon Records. The band broke up following the release of 2007’s “If You Can’t Make It Big…Just Give Up!,” a best-of/B-sides and rarities compilation.

4 Aspirin Morning and Something To Do both released their latest full lengths in 2012, titled “Cash Poor, Liquor Rich” and “Music For Fine Dining,” respectively.

Free Compilation Download: International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 9 (Head Injuries, The Mizzerables, 4 Aspirin Morning & more)

Florida punk/ska label Pinhead Records has released the ninth installment in their series of free compilations called “International Punk Rock Superstars”.

The tracklisting features songs (some old, some new) from Head Injuries, The Mizzerables, 4 Aspirin MorningAfter The Fact!, The Van Buren Boys, Hey Mister!, and many other independent bands.

You can download the comp for free here.

Full album premiere: 4 Aspirin Morning (ska punk) – “Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich”

Today we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive album premiere of Madison, WI ska-punk act 4 Aspirin Morning and their debut full-length album “Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich.”  Give the album a listen here.

The album will be self-released by the band tonight at a special release show in Madison. Check out the details over here.

[Audio:01-welcome-to-the-neighborhood.mp3, 02-carve-the-sky.mp3, 03-cemetary-song, 04-dig-a-hole, 05-3-chords.mp3, 06-super-77.mp3, yshba, 08-sidesteppin.mp3, 09-this-is-it.mp3, 10-anarchy-cake.mp3, 11-goodbye-to-good-intentions.mp3|titles=Welcome To The Neighborhood, Carve The Sky, Cemetary Song, Dig A Hole, 3 Chords, Super 77, YSHBA, Sidesteppin’, This Is It, Anarchy Cake, Goodbye To Good Intentions|artists=]

4 Aspirin Morning (ska/punk) to release debut LP “Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich,” streaming pre-release

Madison, WI ska punk outfit 4 Aspirin Morning have detailed their debut full length, “Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich,” which will be released independently on March 29th. Several are remixed and re-remastered versions of the demos released for the Kickstarter exclusive entitled “Skanks IV: The Memories,” and you can stream them right here.

4AM released their debut EP “Midwest Excess” in 2011. You can stream that right here.

Full Album Stream: 4 Aspirin Morning (ska) – “Skanks IV: The Memories”

Madison ska punk band 4 Aspirin Morning are streaming their latest full-length “Skanks IV: The Memories” in full right here.  Awesome album name, by the way.

The album was released last November (better late than never on this post, eh?).

Music video: 4 Aspirin Morning (Wisconsin ska punk) “Shoreline”

Madison ska punk band 4 Aspirin Morning has released a music video for their song “Shoreline.” Click here to check it out.

The song appears on the band’s “Midwest Excess” EP, and will also be featured on their upcoming debut full-length.

4 Aspirin Morning launches Kickstarter project to fund new album

Madison, WI’s ska punk outfit 4 Aspirin Morning has launched their own Kickstarter project to fund a full-length album. Take a look at donor benefits and give ’em your money here.

The band last released their EP “Midwest Excess” last summer.

Republican candidate using Dropkick Murphys song “like a white supremacist using gangsta rap,” says band

Jeff Fitzgerald, candidate for U.S. Senate and current Speaker of the Assembly of Wisconsin, briefly caught the attention from the celtic punk community this weekend when he used the Dropkick Murphys/Woody Guthrie anthem “Shipping Up To Boston” as his intro at the state’s Republican Party Convention. The Boston band was less than flattered:

“The stupidity and irony of this is laughable. A Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate – and crony of anti-Union Gov. Scott Walker – using a Dropkick Murphys song as an intro is like a white supremacist coming out to gangsta rap! Fitzgerald: if you and your staff can’t even figure out your music you might wanna give up on the politics!!!!! We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the U.S!”

(from Dropkick Murphys Facebook page)

The political climate in Wisconsin is currently tense as labor and financial battles (among others) will surface on June 5th with the recall election of Governor Scott Walker (R). The Dropkicks, who have an extended history of being fiercely pro-labor, have spoken out since early 2011 on Walker’s budget, which stripped public employees of their right to collective bargaining. Many other widely-known out-of-state bands like Street Dogs, Laura Grace (Against Me!), Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) have supported the state’s pro-worker cause and have played local benefit concerts, in addition to local Wisconsin acts like 4 Aspirin Morning and Hellephant.

Fitzgerald has stated that he will no longer be using the song.

[Additional sources: Wisconsin State Journal]

Free compilation: “Blank Shot Vol. I” – Blank Face Records (Masked Intruder, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Moguls, Stza of Leftover Crack)

Wisconsin-based record label and promotion team Blank Face Records have recently released an awesome compilation of punk, ska, and otherwise bands that they are giving away for free here. Featured on the comp are several favorites and newcomers, including Masked Intruder, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Moguls, The American Dead, The Wiscoholics, The DUI’s, not to mention a Last False Hope track featuring Leftover Crack’s Stza Crack.

Editor’s Note: As a proud Wisconsinite and fans of many of these bands, I shamelessly recommend this compilation! Grab your free download over on Bandcamp.