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Wonk Unit (pop-punk) streaming new album “Terror”

London punks Wonk Unit are streaming their new album “Terror”. As a huge fan of 90’s pop-punk this is without a doubt my favorite new release, witty lyrics and catchy riffs make this a must listen album.

Do your ears a favor and check it out below.

I wrote about “Day Job Wanker” a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to find it was in fact a part of a bigger project, Terror. The first new music from Wonk Unit since 2017’s Christmas in a Crackhouse . Without a doubt if The Vandals or Guttermouth were from London this is what they’d sound like, so get off yer arse and check it out.

Wonk Unit (punk) streaming new song “Day Job Wanker”

London-based punks Wonk Unit are streaming their latest single “Day Job Wanker”. It’s a short throwback to mid-nineties pop-punk.

Check out the new song below.

No word on whether this is a part of something larger in the future. The latest release for Wonk Unit was Christmas in a Crackhouse, which was released in December.

Wonk Unit (punk) release Christmas themed single “Christmas In A Crackhouse”

London punks Wonk Unit have released a new Christmas themed single called “Christmas In A Crackhouse” just in time for the holidays. This may seem like every other punk holiday song you have ever heard, but it is much more. Described as “one of the most unique bands in modern punk of the most unique bands in modern punk rock”, the band stays true to that and has delivered a holiday single that you can blast any other time of the year.

You can listen to it below.

Alex Johnson (Wonk Unit) starts own label Plasterer Records

Alex Johnson of London punks Wonk Unit has started his own label, Plasterer Records. The debut releases come from Aerial Salad and The Dopamines, along with a repress of Wonk Unit’s “Nervous Racehorse”.

All releases are up for order now.

Manchester Punk Festival announce lineup for 2018

Manchester Punk Festival has just announced the first slew of bands slotted to play their 2018 dates on April 19th through the 21st.

So far we have:

Propagandhi, Wonk Unit, The Bennies, Svetlanas, Antillectual, Mobina Galore, Uniforms, Christmas, Spoilers, The Minor Discomfort Band, Pizzatramp, Nervus, Forever Unclean, Fresh, Natterers, Rotten Foxes, All Aboard, Darko, Egos At The Door, Drones, Regret, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Captain Hotknives, Shankland, The Lab Rats, Foxes Faux, Incisions, Aerial Salad and Throwing Stuff.

Pick up your tickets here!


Wonk Unit release video for “Horses”

London punks, Wonk Unit have just released a new video for “Horses,” as apart of the re-release of the 2013 vinyl, “Muffy” via TNS Records. Check it out below.

Most recently, Wonk Unit released the 2016 album “Mr. Splashy.”

TNSrecords announces 2017 UK tour (Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man)

UK label TNSrecords has announced a 2017 UK tour, featuring Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, and Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. Check out the dates/locations, along with the full tour poster below.

Speaking about the tour, Bev and Andy from TNS say, “We wanted to put together a lineup that showcased the diverse range of sounds on the label (and in the DIY punk rock scene in general). We also wanted to bring together a lineup of some of the bands we have been working with for many years and who are some of the most active bands in the DIY scene right now. These bands are all involved in booking their own gigs and supporting DIY music alongside their own live commitments.”

If you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure you get there early (as you always should to shows), because the order of bands for each show won’t be announced until the night of the show. The move is meant to encourage everyone to show up to watch all the bands play, and I for one love the idea.

Wonk Unit (Punk, UK) offer “Wu Pigeon” EP for Free Download

The UK’s Wonk Unit are celebrating the holidays by offering their Wu Pigeon EP as a free download.

Check it out below and grab yourself a copy.

Wu Pigeon was originally released on December 17th, 2015.  The bands’ last release, Mr. Splashy, was released earlier this year.

Drunken Sailor Records releases 2016 comp

U.K. punk label Drunken Sailor Records has released a 17-track compilation for 2016 called Drunken Sailor Sampler, and you can check it out below. The album is available here as a name-your-price download.

The comp includes one track from every album the label released this year, including “Candy” from Brit punks Wonk Unit‘s 2016 release, Feel the Wonkness.

Wonk Unit (punk, UK) release video for “We Are The England”

The UK’s Wonk Unit have just released a new video for their track “We Are The England”.

“We Are The England” comes from the band’s “Mr Splashy” album, released earlier this year. You can take a look at the video below.

Wonk Unit (punk, UK) release video for ‘I Told You So’

UK punk-rockers, Wonk Unit, have released a music video for their track ‘I Told You So’. The tune is taken from the band’s upcoming album Mr Splashy which will be available on TNS Records later this month.

You can enjoy the video below.

Wonk Unit playing US tour leading up to Fest

London punks Wonk Unit are headed stateside again this fall, with a string of shows leading up to FEST 15. You can see all the US dates/locations (along with the Germany dates before and the UK dates following FEST) below.

The tour is in support of the band’s newest album, Mr. Splashy, which is due out September 23rd via TNSrecords. Go ahead and pick yourself up a copy on CD or any of three different vinyl versions right here.

Wonk Unit last released a 7-inch split with Raging Nathans, via Rad Girlfriend Records(US) and Drunken Sailor Records (UK).

Wonk Unit (UK, punk) release new album

The UK’s infamous Wonk Unit have released their latest album via TNS Records. The band’s newest recording features fourteen new tracks from the one of the UK’s most beloved groups and can be enjoyed below. Head over to TNS Records‘ website if you’d like to grab a physical copy and support Wonk Unit.

Wonk Unit & Raging Nathans stream split 7″

UK punks Wonk Unit and Ohio’s Raging Nathans have made their new split 7″ available to stream, and you can give it a listen below.

The 7″ is being released on Rad Girlfriend Records (US) and Drunken Sailor Records (UK). Pre-orders are available here and here, respectively.

Manchester Punk Festival releases new compilation

If you can’t make it to England for the Manchester Punk Festival  this April, at least you can get a sampler of the bands who are playing this year’s festival.  You can name your price and download it here, or listen below.

If you are lucky enough to catch this 3-day punk festival in person, you can pick up tickets here.