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Great Apes announce indefinite hiatus following two farewell shows

Bay area punks Great Apes are calling it quits and are going on an indefinite hiatus, effective August of 2018. The band is ending on nothing but good terms, but is due primarily to life getting in the way. The band has two final shows scheduled for August 24th and 25th with Sire Six. You can check out details for the two farewell shows below as well as a statement from guitarist and vocalist Brian Moss.

Great Apes’ last release ‘California Heart’ via Asian Man Records in 2016.

Listen to songs from upcoming Fugazi tribute album “Everybody Wants Somewhere”

Sell The Heart Records have premiered some songs from their upcoming compilation album Everybody Wants Somewhere: A Tribute to Fugazi. Check out contributions from Screw 32, Great Apes, and more below.

The tribute album is set to release on April 30th, and you can pre-order it here. Ptroceeds from this release will be donated to Taking It To The Streets, a non-profit organization that helps homeless youth in San Francisco.

Great Apes stream new single “The Mill” digital charity single

San Fransisco punks Great Apes have released a new single called “The Mill.” The songs was recorded in December 2016 and is now being released as a charity single with all proceeds going towards the White Helmets organization. On the subject of the song, the band says:

The song’s lyrics were written as a memorial homage to Brian’s grandfather, who passed away recently at the age of 105. Given that he was a Jewish refugee who immigrated from Austria-Hungary to Detroit to escape the rising tide of European fascism during the nineteen twenties, we found it fitting to donate to an organization that works actively to aid those in Syria.

You can check the song out below.

Screw 32, Great Apes and more to contribute to Fugazi tribute album

Sell The Heart Records will be releasing a tribute compilation album for Fugazi, titled “Everybody Wants Somewhere: A tribute to Fugazi”, in early 2017. The album will be a collection of 18-20 bands/artists each doing a thoughtful rendition of a Fugazi song, spanning the band’s entire catalog. In keeping with the spirit of what Fugazi has stood for over their career, the album will also serve as a fundraising effort for a San Francisco based non-profit organization called Taking It To The Streets, which serves the city’s homeless community.

Bands contributing include: Screw 32, Great Apes, Long Knives, SNIPERS!!, Jonah Matranga, Black Map, Identical Homes, Vast Wild, Know Secrets, The Down House, and more.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help with releasing the album that is serving as a pre-order for the album.

Great Apes release “California Heart” on Asian Man Records

Hopefully you already read our advance review of the new album from San Francisco’s Great Apes, and now you can hear it for yourself.  California Heart dropped last Thursday, and you can check it out below.  The 10-track album is the band’s second full-length, and their first release since the Playland EP.

California Heart was released on Asian Man Records, and you can pick it up here.

Album Review: Great Apes – “California Heart”

Great Apes are a band unafraid to tackle a meaty concept on their releases. Their last EP Playland dealt with the homogenization and subsequent loss of identity of frontman Brian Moss’s native San Francisco. This, the band’s second full length release, uses the fictional story of a disaffected adolescent to explore a range of subjects including mental illness, isolation, marriage, suburban living, drugs, bullying and more. Although the narrator is fictional, the issues that are discussed are easily relatable for anyone who has ever felt alienated or alone. All of this might suggest that this is a very downbeat album. Not at all. This album bursts with life and vitality.

Opener California Heart places our (anti) hero in a cul-de-sac in Fresno. It’s immediately clear that all is not well in their world. The song captures the protagonists feelings of impotence as they struggle to live up to society’s expectations. Although this might sound like a dark opener, the music is a bright and energetic pop-punk affair. It would be just as easy to just crank this up loud on a carefree sunny day. “The Last Days Of Tranquility” has the character finding sanctuary in nature and escaping from an uncaring world. It’s a powerful song with Moss’s voice bearing a striking resemblance to a less political but equally as erudite Conor Oberst. “Saint Brasher” has the central figure discovering the power of literature. Moss cleverly inserts names of landmark novels that deal with isolation and alienation into the lyrics.

The cathartic nature of the subject matter belies the variety of music on offer. This is true bay area pop punk to the core. The choruses are catchy and memorable and there are some suitably raucous shout along moments. While the band are adept at tweaking the boundaries of Pop punk, there are no 6 minute epics or wistful acoustic numbers. “Brown dots” and “Regarding You in Me” tear along with hints of Jawbreaker’s ear for melodic hardcore hooks.. “Chuckchansi’s Complacency for Beginners” slows the pace a little with a more early 90s Pearl Jam feel. “Prom Com” highlights the central characters disgust at the shallowness and narcissism of the people around them. It contains all the gutsy fire of an Avail song but with more searching introspection.

The album ends with two songs that documents the character’s feelings of despondence and abandonment. “Shut In with the Burden” deals with the agony of their depression and continued social isolation. It contains the powerful lyric “These days are the pages I don’t want to read”. Album finale, “The Escapist”, sees the central character resigned to their perceived fate. It’s testament to the band that that these themes come across as even handed full stops to the album. In that way they recall some of J Church’s most heartfelt moments.

This album deals with some often dark and complex subject matter but follows the melodic and catchy precepts of pop punk. It is a clever juxtaposition of the two that succeeds thanks to the bands adherence to the concept. Musically, it is tight and cohesive with all fat cut away. This is a multifaceted and accomplished album that rewards repeat listens. A sunny album with a troubled heart.

4/5 Stars

Great Apes (punk) stream new track – “Last Days Of Tranquility”

San Francisco punk band Great Apes have a new album out later this year, and now they’re debuting a new track from said album. Listen to the stream of “Last Days Of Tranquility” below.

The song is from the band’s next release, California Heart, which is due out October 14th on Asian Man Records. The release is a concept album, which, according to frontman Brian Moss, “…is intended to be a portrait of navigating coming of age as an outcast, in a stagnant and less-than-nurturing environment.” You can see the tracklisting for California Heart below the music, and pre-order it on vinyl right here.

California Heart is the first release from Great Apes since they put out a a rarities compilation, titled Grey Tapes, in 2015 through Say-10 Records.

Great Apes stream new song “Saint Brasher”

San Francisco’s Great Apes are streaming a brand new song called “Saint Brasher,” which you can listen to here.

“Saint Brasher” comes from the bands’ upcoming album California Heart, which is set be released in October through Asian Man Records.  Great Apes last released a rarities compilation titled Grey Tapes in 2015 through Say-10 Records.

Great Apes to release new album “California Heart” through Asian Man Records

San Francisco’s Great Apes have announced they will be releasing a new album titled California Heart this October through Asian Man Records. Here’s what frontman Brian Moss about the LP:

“With California Heart, the concept is a fictional one, revolving around an alienated adolescent residing in Fresno, CA. Each song is written in first person and tackles a myriad of subjects including mental illness, suburban doldrums, creativity, nature as a sanctuary, social isolation, perceptions of adulthood, cliques, bullying, drugs, suicide, and an ever-crystallizing and often cynical view of the world. In its entirety, the record is intended to be a portrait of navigating coming of age as an outcast, in a stagnant and less-than-nurturing environment. Although the writing is founded in fiction, it’s undoubtedly inspired by personal experiences, and anyone who grew up feeling weird, anxious, down, and/or angst-ridden in a place they wanted out of should have no problem finding points of relation.”

Great Apes last released a rarities compilation titled Grey Tapes in 2015 through Say-10 Records. California Heart will be the band’s first full-length album in 3 years, serving as a follow-up to 2013’s Thread.

Great Apes (punk) streams new rarities album “Grey Tapes”

San Francisco punks Great Apes will be releasing a new album titled “Grey Tapes” through Say-10 Records featuring some unreleased tunes and a bunch of rare tracks from varied 7-inches, splits, demos, etc. There’s no release date set that I can find but you can stream the entire release on punknews and pre-order the album from Say-10’s webstore.

Great Apes last released their five-song EP “Playland at the Beach”, last November through Asian Man Records.

EP Review: Great Apes – “Playland at the Beach”

In just a few short years, San Francisco’s Great Apes has evolved from being what could have been your standard run-of-the-mill punk band into something much more conceptual. The band’s 2013 full length, Thread, was made up entirely of songs based around conversations and interviews with friends of the band, resulting in ten tracks with ten very different personalities. Great Apes’ newest EP, Playland at the Beach, scales back on that diversity of songwriting influences, but it still keeps the band’s explorative nature alive and well.

With Playland at the Beach, Great Apes aim to capture the city of San Francisco at varying points through its history and set it to music. Each track (and even the EP itself) is named after the landmark that inspired it and the lyrics are full of references to the city, from the modern gentrification of city districts, to the Gold Rush that brought people to the West Coast in the first place. There are so many references to the city that it might sound almost as if the EP isolates listeners who haven’t ever lived in San Francisco. Thematically, that’s probably true- there’s some research to be done in order to get a full understanding of the specifics.

From a musical standpoint, however, Playland at the Beach is a much more inviting listen. The compositions are still made up of powerfully chugged power chords and pounding drums, fitting in comfortably with the rest of the band’s output. Even the lyrics, when they aren’t touching upon specific locations, have a universal appeal to them. You don’t necessarily have to have a working knowledge of the precise location where Harvey Milk was murdered to understand the powerful message behind lines like “let the bullet shatter every closet door”. Similarly, you don’t have to be intimately familiar with San Francisco’s Mission district to be familiar with the problems faced by minority communities when their neighborhood becomes the next hot commodity for fresh college graduates.

Playland at the Beach may be rooted deep in San Francisco, but that doesn’t stop it from being any less enjoyable for those who live and grew up elsewhere. It’s a welcome addition to Great Apes’ already steady discography, and lives up to the conceptual bar that they’ve set for themselves.

4 / 5 – Stream it below.

RIYL: Hard Girls, Ma Jolie, Civil War Rust

Great Apes streaming new EP “Playland at the Beach”

San Francisco punks Great Apes have released their newest, five-song EP “Playland at the Beach”, today through Asian Man Records.

The 12″ vinyl will be available next month, however you can stream the entire new album below.

The band’s latest album “Thread” was released last September through Asian Man Records and Side With Us Records.

Great Apes stream new song “Milk: It Does A City Good (By The Civic Center Stairs)”

San Francisco punks Great Apes are steaming a new song titled”Milk” It Does A City Good (By The Civic Center Stairs,” and you can give it a listen below.

The band’s upcoming EP Playland At The Beach is set to be released this winter through Asian Man Records. Pre-orders for the 12″ EP are available on the label’s webstore.

Great Apes streaming new song “Go Niners (As Told By Telegraph Hill)”

San Fran punks Great Apes are steaming a new song entitled “Go Niners (As Told By Telegraph Hill)” off their upcoming EP “Playland.”

You stream the song here.

We’ll keep you posted as more details come to light. The band’s latest album Thread was released last September through Asian Man Records and Side With Us Records.

Great Apes finish recording upcoming EP

According to a recent post on the band’s Facebook page, San Francisco punks Great Apes have finished recording their new EP:

New EP is donezo, homies! We’re very excited. Our dude Morgan from Hard Girls even swung by for some backups. Be sure to check out their new record. We should be previewing a track off our shit within the next month. It’ll be out this fall on Asian Man Records.

We’ll keep you posted as more details come to light. The band’s latest album Thread was released last September through Asian Man Records and Side With Us Records.