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Wiretap Records Streams Massive Compilation “5 Years Go By”

Los Angeles-based punk label Wiretap Records has just released a huge 50 track compilation. The collection of tunes is titled 5 Years Go By and features tracks from the label’s back catalogue of releases. You can expect to hear the likes of Spanish Love Songs, Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves, Indian School, Watch For Horses, Ordinary People, and many more.

Check out 5 Years Go By in its entirety below.

Spanish Love Songs detail 2019 tour dates

Spanish Love Songs have announced a ton of tour dates, taking in North America and Europe. All dates are below (although, undoubtedly, there will be more announced).

The band recently released 7″ Losers, which you can order now.

Spanish Love Songs stream B-Side “(No) Reason To Believe”

Spanish Love Songs recently released a 7″ for new track “Losers”. The B-Side from the 7″ is now streaming. 

You can have a listen to “(No) Reason To Believe” below.

Spanish Love Songs release video for “Losers”

Spanish Love Songs have released a video for new track “Losers”. The song is the A-side from their new 7″, available for pre-order now. The tracks are the first new music since last year’s Schmaltz.

Have a watch below.

DS Interview: Spanish Love Songs in the UK

Dylan Slocum is tired.  Spanish Love Songs are on the penultimate date of a two-and-a-half week jaunt around the UK and Europe with Ducking Punches.  Today they have driven to my home town of Milton Keynes, UK from Antwerp, Belgium.  Delays on the Eurostar train on top of the usual rigours of road life seem to be catching up with the band’s singer so it was extremely gracious that he took the time to have the following conversation.

Check out the interview below.

DS Staff Picks: Carson Winter’s Best of 2018

There was no greater highlight in my year than going to Fest. Folks like me, the unpaid soldiers of DIY fortune—we write about punk rock all year around. We talk about what we like, what we don’t like. We wrap it all up in superlatives; we conjure up images of sweaty clubs and throat-shredding anthemics. Sometimes we use the right weapons for the job, sometimes it’s perfunctory dialogue—the punk rock journalist’s toolbox of favorite words. But, Fest was something special. It brought all those things we say to life, it made good on all of the promises of punk and then some. For one wonderful weekend, I found myself howling Menzingers’ lyrics in the arms of new, sweaty friends; caterwauling from body to body over beer-soaked floors. There were a lot of great albums released in 2018, but make no mistake: for me, The Fest made music vivid again. 
It reminded me that punk is a stone that’s ever rolling, and it’s the community that does the pushing. The best-of’s last year inspire the best-of’s this year, and the cycle continues in perennial inspiration as audience becomes artist and artist becomes audience. The notion of DIY keeps the punks creating, and it means that there will always be fresh, exciting takes on our favorite genre. In 2018, tons of new or at least new-to-me acts caught my ear and a good amount of them ended up on this very list. Whether it was rollicking mental health ballads or blue-collar fuck-yous, there was something to love.
So, here’s to more music, dive bars, and sweaty singalongs. Another year in the books, and another to look forward to. Click here for my picks.

Inside All Silk Mastering House With Ed Hall (Egos At The Door): Interview, Live Session Premiere

We spend a lot of time covering music here at Dying Scene and not so much looking at the people behind the sounds. Today, we’re going to buck that trend with an interview with mastering engineer and owner of the All Silk Mastering House, Ed Hall.

Ed has spent most of his life in and around the DIY punk scene in the north of England. He’s probably best known as guitarist with the recently disbanded, hugely underrated techcore proggers, Egos At The Door. With Egos, Ed has travelled across Europe and America, allowing him to build a strong network of contacts from the international punk scene.

His latest venture involved the creation of a sonic fantasy lab in an undisclosed location in Colne, Lancashire in the north of the UK. Ed was kind enough to share his experiences setting up the All Silk Mastering House, which has been a complete DIY effort. From construction and decorating, through to fitting the space out with all the necessary gear and, of course, the mastering itself, Ed handles the entire process. He’s an inspiration to all those who long to cast off the shackles of the daily grind and chase their dreams but lack the gusto to take that initial plunge.

Below, you’ll find an interview with Ed, as well as an exclusive look at his latest project – a regular live session from the All Silk Mastering House floor itself. We’ve also thrown in an example of Ed’s recent work with UK garage punks SWEARS’s latest single, Space Invaders.

New episode of The Wasting Time podcast (featuring Dylan Slocum of Spanish Love Songs) is up

London, UK based podcast The Wasting Time Podcast episode 17 has been released. This episode’s guest is Dylan Slocum of Spanish Love Songs, who was visiting as part of the band’s first UK and European tour.

You can download the episode from the usual platforms, or direct from the podcast website.

Spanish Love Songs release new video for “The Boy Considers His Haircut”

L.A. punks Spanish Love Songs have released a new video for their song “The Boy Considers His Haircut”. The song comes off the band’s latest release Schmaltz was released in March of this year. The video features some cake eating and what appears to be a rousing party, however the man-eating the cake doesn’t seem to be a part of said party. It’s pretty par for the course for the grouch-punks.

Give the new video a watch below where you will also find a full list of tour dates.

As mentioned above, Spanish Love Songs released the top-shelf album Schmaltz earlier this year and are now zipping around North America in support of the new album.

Spanish Love Songs perform “It’s Not Interesting” at Live From the Rock Room

LA punk band Spanish Love Songs have released another video from their session with Live From the Rock Room! This time around they’ve performed “It’s Not Interesting” from their new LP Schmaltz which was released in March via A-F Records.

Check out the video below.

Spanish Love Songs perform “El Nino Considers His Failures” at Live From the Rock Room

Los Angeles punk band Spanish Love Songs have a new video out for their song “El Nino Considers His Failures.” The video is their performance of the song at Chicago’s Live From the Rock Room!

The song comes from their most recent album Schmaltz, which was released on March 30 via A-F Records.

You can watch the video below.

Spanish Love Songs announce West Coast tour

Los Angeles, CA-based punk quartet Spanish Love Songs has announced they will be making a short run of the west coast along with Dollar Signs

See the tour dates below.

The band recently released Schmaltz via A-F Records in March.

Album Review: Spanish Love Songs – “Schmaltz”

When it comes to building a world, details matter. Whether the world exists in a movie, a book, or even a song. Details are what make us feel the heat of an ember or the exuberance of youth. Even in punk, lyrics are enriched by the tics and specific imagery of a time and place. It gives weight to a slice-of-life, enough so that by the time the last note fades away, we feel like what was just sung to us happened, that it is cemented in reality, as part of our world as it is the world of the song.

LA’s Spanish Love Songs fill their sad sack anthems with the tiniest details, and by the last song, Schmaltz feels as lived-in as an old sneaker, and might just be 2018’s first great album.

As far as punk rock goes, this is the sort that captures me immediately. I pride myself on liking a lot of different punk, the stuff that barks and snarls, sneers or moans. Hardcore, crust, pop punk, a little emo, a little post, but my favorites these days are the result of introspective and eloquent songwriters that can match poetic lyrics to big singalongs. Stuff like the Menzingers, Red City Radio, and now— Spanish Love Songs, a band that’ll likely draw comparisons to the former, but manages in the end to carve out an identity of their own with Schmaltz.

Spanish Love Songs’ music is personal, so personal it hurts. It reminds me of how I felt the first time I heard Against Me! That feeling of did they really just say that? There’s strength in that sort of abandon, and Spanish Love Songs is benching above their weight. Opening song, “Nuevo” is a quiet track driven by piano chords courtesy Meredith Van Woert, rich in top-notch imagery, sung in an affectatious Greg Barnett-esque croon by Dylan Slocum. Slocum sings, “And I can’t help but laugh at these edge kids I used to mosh with at church hardcore shows, getting blasted on Pabst and burning holes into the wall with their Parliaments.” You immediately have a sense of time and place, but in the end, Slocum doesn’t shy away from prying open old wounds, “Well fuck, I’m miserable, which means it’s me that hasn’t changed.” Simple and direct, no bullshit. Schmaltz is filled with these sorts of lines, ones we’ve said to ourselves in our darkest moments, and Spanish Love Songs fits them to a melody and forces us to sing along. It’s the unique sort of confrontation that feeling-forward punk thrives on, recognition and acceptance of us at our worst.

The music itself is great, with memorable and energetic fretwork. “Sequels, Remakes, and Adaptations” begins with a guitar line that explodes out of thin air, while the song also introduces a melody that becomes a motif throughout the album, a smart move that makes a record tangibly cohesive, beyond something more ephemeral like thematics. It also introduces some speed, which is always much appreciated in a subgenre often critiqued for its mid-tempo emotional jams.

“The Boy Considers His Haircut” is my clear favorite from the album, a song that takes minutiae and reveals it to be symptoms of a greater angst. It has great screamlong melodies throughout the song, without ever dipping into a strict verse-chorus structure. The aversion to, but not total rejection of, traditional song structure reveals another parallel between Spanish Love Songs and The Menzingers—the effect is a strong one though, making each song feel natural, like it’s growing off of itself in new and organic directions.

There’s too many great songs on Schmaltz to talk about individually, but the number of highlights could very well be the same as its tracklisting, as each new listen offers something new to appreciate. That’s the depth the songwriting brings to the album; there’s a lot to unpack and Spanish Love Songs craft their music to make sure you want to unpack it, even when it hurts, even when it’s just a mirror to our discontent.


Spanish Love Songs release music video for new song “Bellyache”

L.A. grouch punks Spanish Love Songs have premiered a music video for their new song “Bellyache” and you can check it out along with the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

The tune is off their upcoming album Schmaltz due out March 30th on A-F Records (US) and Uncle M Records (EU). It’s the first new album from Spanish Love Songs since the 2015 release of Giant Sings The Blues.

If your a fan of The Weakerthans check these guys out.

Spanish Love Songs (punk) streaming new song “Bellyache” and announce tour dates

L.A. grouch punks Spanish Love Songs are streaming their new song “Bellyache” off the upcoming album Schmaltz. It’s hard not to enjoy this tune, it finds a perfect mix of loud and mellow all that same time. The band has also announced a tour which gets under way April 11th and will stretch until May 19th.

Give this gem a listen below and be sure to check out the poster above for a show near you.

Schmaltz is set to be released March 30th on A-F Records (US) and Uncle M Records (EU). It’s the first new album from Spanish Love Songs since the 2015 release of Giant Sings The Blues. If your a fan of The Weakerthans check these guys out.